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Monday, August 17, 2009


I knew I was going on vacation, heck I made all the arrangements, but was I ready to leave this past Friday morning? Yes and No.

Lets see where the No comes in:
bags packed? Yes
Jenn's car set for service while we are gone? Yes
everything fits in the car? Yes
Everyone ready to leave? Yes
Tickets / sign in paperwork in bags? Yes
Fish delivered to Jenn's friend? Yes
Cat delivered to Grandmom? Yes
Computer in trunk hoping to be able to get internet access? Yes
Posts set up just in case? NOPE
Post that we are going to be away and when coming back? Don't think so.

See I had lists, I had careful planning ............. and then I blew it. No posts that will automatically post so no "dead air time" for my board ........

I had great intentions - but what was that saying - the best laid plans of mice and men oft times go astray?

Well I hope I can come in every now and again to post something - pictures would be nice - but internet access is really really SLOW - like right now (wireless showing 2mbps) so I don't think pictures will be possible. But we shall see. I have some nice ones I think, but I'm afraid to look.

Sun, sand, sea shells, gulf breezes, gulf water, nice clear pool, sun tan lotion/spray, aloe for the burns, and lots of walking on the beach. And relaxation, I can't believe how easily I've fallen into that relaxation mode - and hubby ? My gosh I can't believe he cut the "umbilical cord" (ie cell phone) with his office and clients. He went to play golf today - and only brought his phone so he could call me to come pick him up!

We are here for the rest of the week, leaving Saturday morning for the long drive home. Oh we should have more vacations - mmmm when can I schedule another one??

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