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Monday, August 10, 2009

If you have a Twitter Account .....

If you have a Twitter Account do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT click on any of the links you may find that say something about clicking to get more followers.

Silly me had a Twitter Account (kat1126) and at the moment it is suspended for Abuse. Since I haven't been on Twitter since sometime last week and hadn't been on the computer since last night I was at a loss. Then when I signed in this morning I opened twitter because I got an email of a new "follower" - I see I had sent a tweet about 3AM about getting more followers ......... so I tried to cancel my account with that site AND changed my password with Twitter. About an hour ago I see an email from Twitter telling me my account was suspended until August 17th.

The link for the messed up site is something like tinyurl.com or tiny.cc/LTRYc

Please be warned - it will mess up your account so that you too will lose your twitter account (at least for a week) and after that time you can petition to have your account restored.

Perhaps this is part of the problem Twitter was having last week - the flood gates opened with this site. You would think that Twitter would have figured out that this site is the problem when EVERYONE has the same link in their mega postings. So I'm guessing if and when I get my account back I will have been ignored by all my followers (not that there were that many) or blocked from everyone.

Just be warned - Twitter is taking this seriously - but YOU will be the one that gets suspended not the site that took over your account.


Lynette said...

yeah happened to mine too
btw something happens when we come to your blog too
a pop up?

Lynette said...

it says my acct is to be authincated by twitter

Kat said...

I just deleted the link to twitter on my blog so you (or anyone) will have to tell me if its still happening. I am going to make sure there are no other "updaters" on my blog so hopefully that won't happen anymore. Its the only thing I can think of.