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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Family that breeds Heros - turns out to be mine!

Holy Moses, I am beginning to think I was born into a family that breeds heros!

I got a call from my Mom and Dad in response to my message to them about my son's job. And although they were really happy and excited to hear about it - they were able to top my story 5 fold.

My sister, Sharon, and her two kids came over to Virginia Beach to visit my parents on their mini vacation on Tuesday. They had a great day hanging out on the beach, etc so when it got to be evening, Sharon told them that she and the kids would come back tomorrow.

Here's were the hero part comes in. Either its that my family breeds heros or someone (read God here) decided that today was NOT the day for a 20 year old to die.

Sharon was in or by the ocean when she saw someone being thrown/tumbled around in the surf. Sharon starts yelling for help, people on the beach were yelling for help (lifeguard was in LA LA LAND) when she finally got to the girl and pulled her out of the water. The girl was purple. She had a seizure while in the water, and was tossed around and under the water. Another woman on the shore came to help Sharon and between the two of them saved this girls life. As Sharon told me later - she (the girl) was a minute from dead!

The Virginia Beach Emergency Rescue was there in minutes after they were finally called (lifeguard came back from LA LA LAND) with dad said about 5 cars and an ambulance and took over. Come to find out the girl was washed down the beach a little ways so she had been having the seizure and in trouble for a bit. Hopefully she will be ok.

When Sharon and this woman were relieved by the rescue people, they were talking about what happened, who they were, where they worked, etc. Now Sharon is a special ed teacher - a darned good one, thank you very much - and the other woman is a Emergency Room RN. Now this woman was probably use to these life or death moments with her line of work, but I'm pretty sure that Sharon has had to be involved in a lot of different things but I'm thinking this is NOT one of those things.

I don't know if the RN is from Virginia Beach or not - but obviously they were both meant to be there on the beach today to do something very special.

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