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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mid February Girlfriend Set by Tupperware

Personally I think this is the perfect start to a Mid February Girl Friend Set!

Create a perfect prep, storage and serving solution with these exclusive see-through containers and springtime seal colors. 

Includes two bowls in each size!
  • 2-cup/500 mL, 
  • 3¼-cup/800 mL, 
  • 4½-cup/1.1 L, 
  • 7-cup/1.7 L 
  • 10½-cup/2.5 L bowls.

Told you - the perfect Girlfriend Set for the Mid-February Brochure!

The bowls nest for compact storage - really compact - even I was surprised!
 In Caribbean Sea/Guava/Lychee/Salsa Verde/Tropical Water.
 Dishwasher safe.

You get all this, a $102 value, for just $59 plus S/T or just $29.50 each!

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