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Friday, February 21, 2014

Did you get your SUPER Cute Tupperware Bottles?

I don't know if you have gotten your super CUTE Tupperware bottles that are on sale this month,  ...

but if you haven't picked up multiple Pengui bottles at the awesome price of LESS than $7 when you buy 5 or more TODAY is the day you need to jump onto my Tupperware Site and grab yours because these cuties go back to $7 at midnight tonight for its final week!

Now Benny the Frog is also cute ... and also available for $7 through the end of the month.  And then to be honest I don't know if or when they will make their appearance again.... So if you are looking for a really cute way to entice your kids (or you) to drink more - THESE are perfect!  For more examples of uses of these cute bottles ... check out my post here

And if you are a Hello Kitty Fan, don't miss out on the current Hello Kitty lunch kit, that has been a real favorite.

It is the 3rd in the series of Hello Kitty items that are PERFECT for the Hello Kitty Lunch Box set .. the messenger bag type carrier is perfect for all kinds of things ........ including your lunch!

Don't forget, I always have a "party" going on so that you can easily pick up these items and so much more.  You can just click on the link on the upper right, sign in and start purchasing.

Don't want to "party", but don't want to miss out on these great items?  You can easily order from my Tupperware site .... Don't miss out on some great products for you, your kitchen, your significant other or the little folks in your life!  Its so easy to be Eco Friendly with Tupperware AND look cool doing it!

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