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Monday, February 7, 2011

Yes its a Fresh Diet Sunday

This was suppose to be my Saturday meals, but being behind, it became my Sunday meals.  Because I had so many other things going on Sunday, this was perfect for me -- oh and it was Super Bowl Sunday so I could enjoy the game and not worry about cooking and cleaning up (Yeah ME)

Breakfast was a Cherry Vanilla Whole Wheat Muffin with Fresh Apple and Wild Berry Yogurt.  Because I had time this morning I did something different - something that was suggested by Carol on The Fresh Diet Facebook Page.  She says she does this all the time.  So I cut my muffin in half (width wise) and then put both cut sides down on a frying pan sprayed with Pam.  I kept flipping these until both sides were nicely browned.  This added a nice added texture to the muffin as well as that nice toasty, almost French Toast flavor to it.  My apple slices were a little "soft", which was unusual but still tasted good.  At this time of year it is very difficult to find firm, fresh, tasty apples - most of the time you have to give up one if not two of those "options".

Lunch was Whole Wheat Pizza Topped with Tri color Bell Pepper, Mozzarella Cheese & Marinara Sauce.  There isn't much more I can say about this but YUMMY.  I love the fact that I can still have those normal diet NO-NOs and not feel guilty about it.  I like that there are different variations so that I can continue to have some "old" favorites in a new diet friendly way and still have them taste good.

Snack was Crispy Chicken Tenders with Ranch Dip.   I have to say I like these much better than the Buffalo Chicken Strips.  There is still the nice flavor to the chicken but the Ranch Dip is just a really nice addition.  I would pick this one over the Buffalo Chicken anyday!

My dinner tonight was Caramelized Onion Turkey Breast Roulade with Herbed Broccoli Mash and Creamy Herbed Quinoa.  The Turkey with the Caramelized Onions was a nice change of pace in comparison to what I have been eating lately.  The turkey wasn't so in your face different than other turkey dishes that I have had but the onions gave it a little "umph" because we all know turkey can be a little bland. I have to say I enjoyed this protein.  The broccoli mash was also a nice change of pace, but I like broccoli so all was good.  And not being so super smooth made the texture a good mouth feel.  The quinoa, I think, is an acquired taste.  To be honest, I don't know how I feel about this side.  My daughter Jenn also had this and said the same thing.  She isn't so sure she wants to try it again, I on the other hand will try this side again to see if I like it or not ....... it really is hard to explain.  Have you had quinoa before?  What do you think - is it an acquired taste or am I wrong?

Dessert was Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie.  This was a nice sized cookie that had a chewy character to it.  There was almost a cranberry taste to the chew - now I don't know if there were some dried cranberries in the cookie along with the Chocolate Chips or if maybe they were carob chips instead of chocolate - but although it was different - I enjoyed this one.

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Mimi said...

I've never had quinona (SP), but have heard very mixed things about it. It seems like people either love it or hate it!