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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Oil Paintings CAN be affordable

I have been looking for some artwork to put on the walls of my condo in Florida.  Although it is fully furnished, I have quite a few blank walls that leave way too much "creamy white" to look at.  The view from the front door, out the lanai is beautiful ... who wouldn't like to see the water and a boat or two ... but the walls are like a blank canvas, just waiting for a few nice paintings that are fit for the decor.  I was able to find a great site online for my decorating solutions at www.cheapoilpainting.com

When I thought about what I wanted, Oil Paintings just seem to have that rich feel that would fit the local.  Hey sometimes you have to LOOK rich and ACT rich to BE rich - sometimes it really is mental attitude that makes the man (or woman).

Now when I was wandering around some of the little shops in Florida, the one thing I kept thinking was how expensive things were that really didn't look all that exciting.  I kept thinking there has to be some nice Oil Painting on Canvas that would just call out to me ... Buy Me .. Buy Me.  But alas, there was nothing that made me want to Buy It, that is unless I wanted to spend an arm and a leg and maybe a swim fin or two.

I've been wandering around the internet for the past few weeks, looking for something that I just might want on my walls.  Well I think I have hit the jackpot.  I found this great site that has Oil Painting Reproductions that are fabulous!  And a HUGE selection.  They have Van Gogh, Monet, Dali and Da Vinci just to name a few.   I think I will be able to change those blank walls into the equivalent of Museum walls without spending an arm or a leg or even that swim fin.

You can find Landscapes, Seascapes, Gardens, Still Life, Houses ... I think just about anything you could ask for could be found at cheapoilpaintings.com.  You really should check this site out - you don't have to be rich to feel (and look) like you are.   Well what are you waiting for?  Go check them out.

I may just have to get a few for home too - seems there are a few walls that could use some dressing up here as well.

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