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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Fresh Diet

I know I owe you 3 days of meals (I think) that I promise I will post up tonight.  I'm still not really juggling things well here since I got sick last week and then tax season is starting ........... and then to add insult to injury my scale went crazy.  Either that or its possessed. 

I got on the scale middle of last week - and it said .. get this you weigh 120 lbs.  Yeah right.  Then after I finished laughing my head off, I got back on the scale to try again.  It then said I weighed 265 lbs.  So after I finished fainting and pulled myself back together I decided that it was time for a new scale.

I have this nasty habit of weighing myself every day - I know I know.  But since this scale is about 6 years old that means its had a bit of a work out - not always good for a digital scale.

So stay tuned for the latest installment and hear about my new scale (hot stuff right?)

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