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Friday, February 4, 2011

The Fresh Diet - Thurs Feb 3rd

I'm really happy to see that, even with the lousy weather on the East Coast, my little buddy has made it to my door for almost all of my delivery day.  This week started with a delayed delivery, because of snow and ice, but my little buddy made it to my door.  So although what is shown here was suppose to be my Wednesday meals, I had delayed them 1 day to keep all my meals in the order they arrived, so they became my Thursday meals.  I will be back on the "same day/same page" next week.

Breakfast was Whole Wheat Blueberry Waffles with Blueberries & Cottage Cheese.  Now normally I only receive 1/2 of a waffle to keep within the plan based on calories and fat/protein/carb percentages.  This time, I recieved a whole waffle cut in half.  The only "negative" comment I can make about this is that the cottage cheese wasn't a flavor.  I do like cottage cheese, but I've gotten use to the flavored version made by The Fresh Diet.  A coconut cottage cheese would have gone very nicely with the blueberry waffle with the blueberries on top.  Getting the whole waffle made for a very filling breakfast.

Lunch was a Black Angus Beef Burger on Whole Wheat Bun with Tomato, Lettuce & Dijonaise.  Now I have to say this - and please don't take this wrong - but this was the BEST dog-gone beef burger I have had in a LONG LONG time.  It was NOT a pressed tasting burger although it did look a bit like one.  I will definitely look for this one again.  The only thing I would change ........ I would have added some garlic and/or dill to the dijonaise.   This sure wasn't anything remotely like you would get at a fast food restaurant.

Snack today was an Artichoke Bottom Filled with Creamy Garlic Cauliflower.  This was huge!  I cut it in half here and was surprisingly full.  Who would think an artichoke filled with a garlic cauliflower cream cheese would be filling ........

Dinner was Roasted Leg of Lamb with Red Wine and Shallot Reduction with Carrot Tarragon Mash and Sauteed Wax Beans.  Now I have said this before, but I have had lamb before and have always liked it.  This dish, although pretty good, was not one of my favorites.  The lamb had a little bit of a gamy taste to it, that actually surprised me.  Perhaps I'm use to my roasted lamb having been marinated in wine overnight and that's why I haven't notice a "gamy" taste before.  Even the lamb burger I had from The Fresh Diet, didn't have this flavor.  The carrot mash was a little too "carroty" for me.  I expected some kind of an added flavor because the mash intensified the carrot flavor. 

Dessert was Fresh Berries & Pineapple with Strawberry Yogurt. Although this is not my usual dessert, it was a refreshing change.  The mix of berries and pineapple went well together.  The strawberry yogurt was a much lighter flavor than some I've had in the past, but with the berries it was perfect.  Anything more might have overpowered the fruit or competed for your taste buds attention.

Other than the Waffles for breakfast, everything I had today was a never eaten before entree.  I am enjoying finding new things in the menu options to try.  The combinations that Chef Yos has been able to come up with really are adding to the enjoyment of eating The Fresh Diet way.  Even things I have had before, but maybe not in the same way, have been for the most part, very enjoyable.  The purees and mashes have been an added surprise, especially when I find "textures" I wasn't expecting based on the name.  Every day I find something new or interesting about eating this way.

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Another great post about your diet. They need to hire you!

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