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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Even Medical Professionals need Fashion

Are you a medical professional or do you know one?  Do you, or they, still have trouble finding nice things to wear to work?  I know when I was working at the county hospital one of the pet peeves of the staff was the look and feel of their uniforms.  I believe I heard on more than one occasion, that they feel like they were wearing a green sack. 

Well I have to say I wish I knew about the great scrubs that are now available, because I would really have been a superstar.  No more green sacks for any of the nurses or techs!   They have the best scrubs for women that are available in sets or separates.  And the absolute BEST colors imaginable.  They have more shades of blue than you can shake a stick out but that's not all.  Think about Crimson Wine or Eggplant, yes even those colors are available.  And, are you ready for this, they actually have a slimming fit.  Yes a slimming fit - no more sacks for you.

But what if scrubs are not what you need to wear every day?  Well, I hear you, really I do.  Sometimes you just need to have a lab coat to go over your clothes, so that you don't look like you are wearing an old Doc Welby hand me down, when you are checking on patients.   Here is where you can have that polished look without giving up on femininity - the cut is slimming and chic.

And as a bonus, if you need something to add a little more femininity to your daily wardrobe, they have the best accessories.  How about a colorful but still tasteful lanyard to keep your badge front and center?  I'm thinking these would be great whether your in the medical profession or not.  Who wants a plain brown "string" around your neck when you can have colorful beads that can be used in a multitude of ways? 

Oh yes blueskyscrubs.com definitely has taken the benchmark in medical garb up a notch. This is definitely NOT your momma's medical professional garb.  Check it out.  I think you will be very impressed, I know  I was.

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