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Friday, September 24, 2010

The Fresh Diet

Due to some of the problems FB was experiencing yesterday this contest has been extended.  The powers that be did not want anyone to miss out just because of Facebook "technical" difficulties on Thursday.  Soooooo jump on over there and try your luck - INSPIRE and MOTIVATE and have FUN doing it.  You too could be a winner - right now there's about a 20% winner rate and then you never know how many "bonus" days will be awarded (they have a habit of doing that) PLUS you never know you could be one of the "winners of the day" for 3 days free just because you are a "liker".  Come on jump in and try your luck.

Are you on Facebook?  Have you heard about The Fresh Diet?  Well they are having a contest for a free week of their meals delivered to your home, that you really should think about entering.

Lets step back for a second.  I'm not sure if you know what The Fresh Diet is or if you read my prior post Fresh diet could this be your ticket to a slimmer you? back in August, but this company prepares the most fantastic looking meals every day for you.

If you are in their delivery area - The Fresh Diet currently serves clients daily in South East & West Florida, Chicago, Milwaukee Indianapolis, The NY Tri-State area, Southern & Northern California, San FranciscoBoston, Washington DC, Baltimore, Virginia, Philadelphia and Houston. TFD is proud to announce our expansion into Canada as we now serve Toronto  - you really should get over to their facebook page and join in.

Between now and Friday at midnight you need to post a motivational poster using The Fresh Diet theme.  These were some that I came up with. 

Hurry now, remember you only have until Friday at Midnight Eastern time.

Put your motivational cap on, get those creative juices flowing, and hop on over to The Fresh Diet on Facebook and take a chance at winning a week of "gourmet diet food" - don't laugh what diet do you know of that serves you pancakes, sandwiches, bbq and cheesecake and STILL helps you lose weight?


Mimi said...

Dang, Michigan isn't one of the states!

Kat said...

They keep adding more locations so keep checking . I would be so psyched if I won!

Kat said...

Extended due to facebook problems -- now open until Saturday night at midnight!

Come enter - it is so easy - they even give you an online program to create it - all you need is a picture, a motivational quote and a dream!