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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Covert Affairs

Is there anyone who hasn't seen the new "summer" series on the cable network USA Covert Affairs ?  If you haven't seen it yet ---- get your butt in gear the season finale is this coming Tuesday at 9PM.  Now just to make myself perfectly clear ............ I WILL be glued to the TV at this time for 2 hours watching - so nobody, and I mean nobody, had better disrupt this viewing time.  (Are you listening honey??  That means you too. - Love You)

I want to tell you I am IN LOVE with this series, it had better be back for at least a second (or more) season.  Ok it is official - USA Network DID pick up Covert Affairs for a second Season YEAHHHHH.    I love the fact that, if you miss a week (or just want to watch it again) you can stream it through USA Network and see full episodes.  Now I think they only keep the last 5 episodes so if you missed the beginning - you need to find it elsewhere, although I've only seen the last 5 episodes on HULU too.

I do love the fact that Annie becomes a CIA "recruit" after things in her love life seem to take a HUGE U-turn and yet her "love" seems to be closer than she ever thought, and then becomes part of the story in bits and pieces throughout the season.  I wonder if next season will have her put his memory and the "possibilities" of a future with him away and move on to a "better" relationship with either Auggie or Jai?  Now that could have some interesting story lines.

You can view the  Character Profiles for


or Jai

as well as Joan and Arthur Campbell (the "bosses") and Danielle Brooks (Annie's sister).  You can also read about the actor in the bio section of that page.  I think that both Auggie and Jai are so darned sexy in their own way - I know control myself.  Ok ladies did I just hear a sigh?  Come on you know I did, and it wasn't just from me!

Now IF they needed some background people for the show ..... I could see Jenn doing this one IN A HEARTBEAT!  And if it could be something more than just background ......

Now couldn't you just see this face
this person on TV?  Yes I could definitely see her doing something for this and really enjoying it, that would just be the best!

Oh wait, its probably filmed outside of the US - you know like maybe Canada ..... and now we need that little thing neither of us has ... you know a passport!  I know neglectful on my part (I will take the blame for that one, since at 20 she still allows me to be "mother" and take care of those important things) but hey we can't let a little thing like details derail the daydream can we? 

Ok sorry I incorporated some rah rah for my daughter in my review of this great show.  But I'm a proud mom - so that's my excuse story  and I'm sticking to it.


Mimi said...

Kat she is BEAUTIFUL!!

I haven't caught this show yet, but I'll check it out!

Hugs & love,

Kat said...

Thanks so much Mimi. My baby (who isn't a baby anymore) is so much fun to be with. She is beautiful inside and out. But I'm not the least bit prejudice ... am I??