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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Top Chef

I am in love with cooking shows (have been forever - or so it seems) and this show is another great one for getting your competitive and creative juices flowing - sometimes just watching makes me think of things that I can do in my own kitchen, or at least try to do.

We are lucky enough to have another great guest post written by Shelly Ashford.

If you like to see chefs compete head to head, in order to create a dish that satisfies the most critical judges, then you will love Top Chef on Bravo. This show is incredible and features chefs from diverse backgrounds that compete against one another to create winning dishes. I always love watching the competitive spirits of these chefs on my satellite TV, which I got when I learned that the cable tv offers were not very great compared to the satellite TV ones..

Sometimes when I watch "Top Chef," I am simply amazed at how these chefs can create such intricate dishes. The chefs are truly fabulous in how they whip up dishes that could be sold at the most elite restaurants in the world. Hearing the judges critique dishes is also interesting. The judges have a culinary background that is astonishing, and they do not go easy on the competing chefs. All too often, the judges will offer an honest opinion and ultimately someone from the competing chefs gets upset or intensely annoyed. Here is where the drama comes into play, that makes this show great. This show is all about pure drama, in addition to whipping up edible creations to die for.

I highly recommend "Top Chef" for people that like a dose of reality TV mixed with a peek into the lives of elite chefs. It is a great program that will keep you intensely watching your TV screen throughout the entire show!


Cori Benson said...

Love that show too! I'm also an avid Food Network fan! Love cooking shows even though I can't cook....guess I can dream can't i!!

Kristen said...

Oh yeah, love that show! I'm especially amazed i the quick fire challenges. I always think, "You imagined and cooked that in 30 minutes!?"

Mimi said...

I don't have Bravo, but I like to watch The Next Food Network Star.