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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Page Ranking

So am I the ONLY one that didn't realize that to be a "good" blogger (and I would assume get vendors to ask you to do more for them, like giveaways and reviewing)you need to have your blog "rated"?

Is your blog rated? Do you even know what a blog rating is? Or how to get your blog rated?

Geez, I've been doing this for a little more than a year (not counting my tax season disappearances) and I had NO IDEA. Guess I'm still learning - but that is a good thing. Don't you think?

With this in mind, I found an interesting site that helps get your blog rated - or increase your rating if you were already rated ...... mypagerank.net has all kinds of things you can use for this.

Let me know if you use something else, since I'd love to try those too. Heck I could actually be an inspiration to someone (other than myself, mind you) if my ranking went up!


carla said...

theres a rating?!



Kat said...

Thank you Carla - I really thought I was the ONLY one. Now I have to work to get a "rating" that is better than "0" I will let you know if it works

Mimi said...

I don't really know how the whole ratings thing works. Maybe I'll check this one out since you ok'd it, lol!