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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Atlantic City

Four days - well ok 3 1/2, but the Sun and Sand and the Boardwalk and the Convention and Gambling, how bad / hard can that be to take? ........ oh yeah I forgot something else ..... classes (what a let down) but no seriously - they won't be too bad - I get my Accounting and Auditing requirements, to compliment those I already took, so I will again be able to say I've taken all the required A&A for my license! And lets face it - if you get to do a little of the other things too, it makes sitting in classes and meetings for hours much better.

Besides I always have fun at the NJSCPA Convention! And if I could just win a little something that would be even better.

If I can get it to work with my phone (sometimes I am just so "dumb") I will do a little tweeting too ..... maybe, perhaps, if I can

See you all in a few days. Miss me please :)

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