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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Top Chef

I am in love with cooking shows (have been forever - or so it seems) and this show is another great one for getting your competitive and creative juices flowing - sometimes just watching makes me think of things that I can do in my own kitchen, or at least try to do.

We are lucky enough to have another great guest post written by Shelly Ashford.

If you like to see chefs compete head to head, in order to create a dish that satisfies the most critical judges, then you will love Top Chef on Bravo. This show is incredible and features chefs from diverse backgrounds that compete against one another to create winning dishes. I always love watching the competitive spirits of these chefs on my satellite TV, which I got when I learned that the cable tv offers were not very great compared to the satellite TV ones..

Sometimes when I watch "Top Chef," I am simply amazed at how these chefs can create such intricate dishes. The chefs are truly fabulous in how they whip up dishes that could be sold at the most elite restaurants in the world. Hearing the judges critique dishes is also interesting. The judges have a culinary background that is astonishing, and they do not go easy on the competing chefs. All too often, the judges will offer an honest opinion and ultimately someone from the competing chefs gets upset or intensely annoyed. Here is where the drama comes into play, that makes this show great. This show is all about pure drama, in addition to whipping up edible creations to die for.

I highly recommend "Top Chef" for people that like a dose of reality TV mixed with a peek into the lives of elite chefs. It is a great program that will keep you intensely watching your TV screen throughout the entire show!

True Lemon

Does anyone know what True Lemon is? Does anyone use True lemon on a regular basis?

I got an interesting call yesterday and will be doing an interview regarding True Lemon next Thursday. Two people from a research firm, are coming from the city to talk about what I've used it for in the past, why I stopped, what problems I had and how I think it could be better.

At least that's what I think they are going to talk about, though they may also bring some other products to discuss.

This could be so cool. I can't wait (well I don't want to wish away my week, but ya know what I mean) to see what all they have to review/discuss. And then of course, I will be telling all of you what I found (unless I am "bound" to secrecy for awhile). I think this is going to be fun.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Live the Life You Want

"Don't let anyone rob you of your imagination,

your creativity, or

your curiosity.

It's your place in the world;

it's your life.

Go on and do all you can with it,

and make it the life you want to live."

— Mae C. Jemison, first African-American woman astronaut

This so reminds me of what I have always told my daughter to do -

Do NOT let anyone tell you that you CAN'T do something
Just Smile sweetly and say "WATCH ME"

- then go and do it!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Love recognizes no barriers.
It jumps hurdles,
leaps fences,
penetrates walls
to arrive at it destination
full of hope.

Maya Angelou

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Remember Your Power

"The most common way people give up their power

is by thinking they don't have any."

— Alice Walker, author of "The Color Purple"

Friday, June 25, 2010


I just saw a picture of a little girl (she was really so cute), who had just had her hair cut for Locks for Love. When you saw her standing there - all you saw was hair - almost down to her waist. Then you see her "after" picture, with the best saying.

The best memories
are the ones that can't be explained,

You JUST had to be there.

What do you think? Was that not the best saying? I may have to find one of those t-shirts for myself.

Nurture and Transform

"A woman is the full circle.
Within her is the power
to create,
and transform."

Diane Mariechild, author of "Mother of Wit"

Thursday, June 24, 2010

What a ride!

Saw this just a little while ago - and thought, with everything that has happened in the last week or so, that I really needed to see this and realized living "safe" is not always the best way to go. Now I'm not saying or condoning living life stupidly - that would be insane - but a little "zest for life" is a good thing.

I share this so that maybe you too will get what I mean.

"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming ----- WOW -- What a ride!"
- Author Unknown

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Age - What is your age

Anyone who stops learning is old,

whether at twenty or eighty.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Male or Female?

As I was going through some boxes of old stuff (you know we all have those boxes) trying to get rid of more than a little bit of it and found this cute note on whether something is male or female....

ZIPLOC BAGS - male, because they hold everything in but you can always see right through them.

SHOE - male, because it is usually unpolished, with it's tongue hanging out.

COPIER - female, because once turned off, it takes a while to warm up.

TIRE - male, because it goes bald and often is over-inflated

HOT AIR BALLOON - male, because to get it to go anywhere you have to light a fire under it ... and of course, there's the hot air part ........

SPONGES - female, because they are soft and squeezable and retain water.

SUBWAY - male, because it uses the same old lines to pick people up.

HOURGLASS - female, because over time, the weight shifts to the bottom.

HAMMER - male, because it hasn't evolved much over the last 5,000 years, but it's handy to have around.

REMOTE CONTROL - female! HA! You thought I was going to say male. But consider it gives men pleasure, he'd be lost without it and while he doesn't always know the right buttons to push, he keeps trying.

Have Perseverance and Confidence

"Life is not easy for any of us.
But what of that?
We must have perseverance
above all confidence in ourselves.

We must believe that we are gifted for something
and that this thing must be attained."

— Marie Curie, chemist and physicist

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Aging Is Opportunity

"Aging is not 'lost youth'
but a new stage
of opportunity and strength."

— Betty Friedan, author of "The Feminine Mystique"

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Diminish Fear

"I have learned over the years that when one's mind is made up,
this diminishes fear;
knowing what must be done does away with fear."

— Rosa Parks, African-American civil rights activist

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Page Ranking

So am I the ONLY one that didn't realize that to be a "good" blogger (and I would assume get vendors to ask you to do more for them, like giveaways and reviewing)you need to have your blog "rated"?

Is your blog rated? Do you even know what a blog rating is? Or how to get your blog rated?

Geez, I've been doing this for a little more than a year (not counting my tax season disappearances) and I had NO IDEA. Guess I'm still learning - but that is a good thing. Don't you think?

With this in mind, I found an interesting site that helps get your blog rated - or increase your rating if you were already rated ...... mypagerank.net has all kinds of things you can use for this.

Let me know if you use something else, since I'd love to try those too. Heck I could actually be an inspiration to someone (other than myself, mind you) if my ranking went up!

My Grades Have Improved

This is a guest blog post from a friend of mine, John D. Serring

I have had to take many internet classes over the past 3 years and happily, my school days are almost behind me so I can go out into the world and apply what I have learned. Two semesters ago, I took a class that was not very hard but the teacher felt the need to add a lot of busy work to the curriculum. Most of this work was to research cooking websites for recipes that we could alter with our own twist and then prepare them in class so that they could be presented to the student body for a cooking contest.

The week before I had been given this assignment for my cooking class, I signed up for hughes internet Oregon service because I was tired of dealing with my cable company. After this assignment, I was so glad that I did. Before I would have been up all night just trying to load the websites to look at the recipes but with hughes net internet service I was able to search sights so much faster and I have noticed that I have been getting my assignments completed in half the time if not quicker. I am so pleased and my teachers are please as well because my schoolwork has improved thus causing my grades to improve as well. I am so very pleased.

Touch the Skies

"We never know how high we are
Till we are called to rise;

And then, if we are true to plan,

Our statures touch the skies."

— Emily Dickinson, American poet

Monday, June 14, 2010

Removing Wallpaper CAN Be Rewarding!

We have a Guest blog written by Ashlee Ryans today on Removing Wallpaper - something that can be an overwhelming thought.

It seemed like a daunting task. But the wallpaper in the spare bedroom was peeling and had to go, and I was the one who had to remove it. I had removed wallpaper before using a chemical remover and a scraper, and knew I didn't want to go that route again. Luckily, a friend had just undertaking wallpaper removal, and she highly recommended renting a steamer for that purpose. I took her advice and rented a steamer from Sears Home Improvement New York at the cost of $35 for 24 hours. That seemed very reasonable.

The machine is easy to use: fill it with water and wait for it to heat up. You then apply the flat steamer head to the wall and let it soften the glue that holds the wallpaper. Patience is the key here. Let it do the work, then pull the steamer head aside and use your scraper. You'll find the paper lifts beautifully!

I discovered if I did that same section again, it removed the residual glue and so did not have to return to the area later. Now the old, peeling wallpaper is gone and the room is freshly painted. It took several hours of work, but the results were well worth the effort.

Words to the wise: If you need to remove wallpaper, always use a steamer.

Visit Belgium with Cheaperthanhotels.com

Have you thought about doing some international travel? How about a romantic getaway for two? How about trying Belgium?

Does this not look like the BEST place to visit overseas? So picturesque, so beautiful. Can you just see yourself right here?

Doesn't this just make you want to cross that bridge and see what is on the other side? I'm thinking it could lead to the land a wonder and romance. Well if these pictures have made you think .... mmmm Belgium could be very interesting, then maybe you really want to visit hotels in Brugge a great city that cheaperthanhotels.com-Belgium handles. But there are so many other places to visit in Belgium

if you visit cheap hotels in Brussels there are some great looking hotels, which, to be honest, are not expensive at all, which is one of the things I worry about. I want all the comforts without the HIGH prices that always seem to come with it. Yes I know, I'm spoiled.

Here are some examples of hotel rooms available through cheap hotels in Belgium that make you want to put your feet up and relax after a long day of sight-seeing.

This room, with the curved woodwork, just screams Old World romance to me. Can't you just see yourself in this bed? I would just LOVE this room.

If this has wet your appetite for some international travel, visit Belgium official site for even more beautiful pictures and temptations. I know this is now on my list of MUST see places - maybe this year. Hope to see you there!

As with many of my reviews, I will be receiving a small compensation for my review, it has not colored my view of the information and site.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A new Give-Away

My friend Mimi, from Screaming Mimi, is back to blogging after some unexpected time off. She is back with a great giveaway! You will really want to slide on over and check this one out from csn stores.

I will be honest, I have not heard of CSN Stores, but I will be looking at the site now, all because of Mimi's blog.

While you are at it - give Mimi some bloggy love and hugs to make her feel better - she has been through a lot - and yet she is coming back, I know she will make it, she is just so strong. Check out her blogs (I have trouble keeping up with one and she has 3 of her own and contributes on a 4th!) and does a really great job on all of them.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Will You Dance With Me?

Too many people put off something that brings them joy just because they haven't thought about it, don't have it on their schedule, didn't know it was coming or are too rigid to depart from their routine.

I got to thinking one day about all those women on the Titanic who passed up dessert at dinner that fateful night in an effort to cut back. From then on, I've tried to be a little more flexible.

How many women out there will eat at home because their husband didn't suggest going out to dinner until after something had been thawed? Does the word 'refrigeration' mean nothing to you?

How often have your kids dropped in to talk and sat in silence while you watched 'Jeopardy' on television?

I cannot count the times I called my sister and said, 'How about going to lunch in a half hour?' She would gas up and stammer, 'I can't. I have clothes on the line. My hair is dirty. I wish I had known yesterday, I had a late breakfast, It looks like rain.'

And my personal favorite:
'It's Monday.'

She died a few years ago. We never did have lunch together.

Because we all seem to cram so much into our lives, we tend to schedule our headaches. We live on a sparse diet of promises we make to ourselves when all the conditions are perfect!

We'll go back and visit the grandparents when we get Steve toilet-trained. We'll entertain when we replace the living-room carpet... We'll go on a second honeymoon when we get two more kids out of college.

Life has a way of accelerating as we get older. The days get shorter, and the list of promises to ourselves gets longer. One morning, we awaken, and all we have to show for our lives is a litany of 'I'm going to,' 'I plan on,' and 'Someday, when things are settled down a bit.'

When anyone calls my 'seize the moment' friend, she is open to adventure and available for trips. She keeps an open mind on new ideas. Her enthusiasm for life is contagious. You talk with her for five minutes, and you're ready to trade your bad feet for a pair of Roller blades and skip an elevator for a bungee cord.

My lips have not touched ice cream in 10 years. I love ice cream. It's just that I might as well apply it directly to my stomach with a spatula and eliminate the digestive process The other day, I stopped the car and bought a triple-Decker. If my car had hit an iceberg on the way home, I would have died happy.

Now...go on and have a nice day. Do something you WANT to......not something on your SHOULD DO list. If you were going to die soon and had only one phone call you could make, who would you call and what would you say? And why are you waiting?

Make sure you read this to the end; you will understand why I posted this.

Have you ever watched kids playing on a merry go round or listened to the rain lapping on the ground? Ever followed a butterfly's erratic flight or gazed at the sun into the fading night? Do you run through each day on the fly? When you ask 'How are you?' Do you hear the reply?

When the day is done, do you lie in your bed with the next hundred chores running through your head?

Ever told your child, 'We'll do it tomorrow.' And in your haste, not see his sorrow?

Ever lost touch? Let a good friendship die? Just call to say 'Hi?

When you worry and hurry through your day,
it is like an unopened gift....
Thrown away.....

Life is not a race.
Take it slower.
Hear the music before the song is over.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


As you slide down the banister of life,

may the splinters ALWAYS

point the right way.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Life may not be the party we hoped for ..

but while we are here

we might as well dance!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer desserts

Ok if you are like me you could have these any time of year, however they are calling these 12_summer_desserts_for_under_150_calories

So in the spirit of Sparks People ........ they are Summer Desserts. I know I will be checking all of these out and making one or two (ok maybe all 12 - its going to be a long summer, I hope).

I would really like to keep this Weight Watchers Life Style "chugging" along and not having to worry too much about desserts will help tremendously.

Check these out! If you know of any others ....... pass them along!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Mental Feng Shui

I received this Lotus Touts as an email from a friend in the office. It said that this has been sent to you for good luck from the Anthony Robbins organization. I am forwarding this on to you to spread the good luck to you as well - we all need some good luck from time to time.

ONE. Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully.

TWO. Marry a man/woman you love to talk to. As you get older, their conversational skills will be as important as any other.

THREE. Don't believe all you hear, spend all you have or sleep all you want.

FOUR. When you say, 'I love you,' mean it.

FIVE. When you say, 'I'm sorry,' look the person in the eye.

SIX. Be engaged at least six months before you get married.

SEVEN. Believe in love at first sight.

EIGHT. Never laugh at anyone's dreams. People who don't have dreams don't have much.

NINE. Love deeply and passionately. You might get hurt but it's the only way to live life completely.

TEN.. In disagreements, fight fairly. No name calling.

ELEVEN. Don't judge people by their relatives.

TWELVE. Talk slowly but think quickly.

THIRTEEN ... When someone asks you a question you don't want to answer, smile and ask, 'Why do you want to know?'

FOURTEEN. Remember that great love and great achievements involve great risk.

FIFTEEN. Say 'bless you' when you hear someone sneeze.

SIXTEEN. When you lose, don't lose the lesson.

SEVENTEEN. Remember the three R's: Respect for self; Respect for others; and Responsibility for all your actions.

EIGHTEEN. Don't let a little dispute injure a great friendship.

NINETEEN. When you realize you've made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it.

TWENTY. Smile when picking up the phone. The caller will hear it in your voice.

TWENTY-ONE. Spend some time alone.

Life's Little Lessons

Life's Little Instruction Book week 22.

92. Never invest more in the stock market than you can afford to lose.
Although I HATE to lose money - but then does anyone? - I've always said that once I send the money to my broker, its as if it is gone. If I "win" great, if I "lose" well I'm not happy, but it won't change my "lifestyle" because I don't "bet the farm".

93. Choose your life's mate carefully. From this one decision will come ninety percent of all your happiness or misery.
When I would hear people say, I married my best friend, I thought they were crazy or living in a fantasy, but I now know (after almost 30 years of marriage) that they were so correct.

94. Make it a habit to do nice things for people who'll never find out.
If you are able to do something "financial" great if not try for the "easier" things that can also teach younger people the value of charity. Work at a soup kitchen (even if its just for 1 meal), donate some can goods (all those can sales are great for this) to a soup kitchen or church kitchen.

95. Attend class reunions.
ok I failed this one too - I've yet to make a class reunion. My 35th (OMG) high school reunion is scheduled for this August - when I'm on vacation in Florida.

96. Lend only those books you never care to see again.
I don't know about you - but I can't tell you how many books I've "lost" once they were lent out. But that's ok - how many times do you want to read a book? Most of the time I buy paperback books anyway.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cell Phone Choices

It has come to the point where it is time for a phone upgrade for me, and I want a smart phone for the extra options I don't have true access to now. I have not a clue as to which is better - I have Verizon - the droid or the blackberry.

I'm sure they both have their good points and their not so "good" points. So I'm asking for advice.

What phone do you have?

If you had the choice, which would you chose?

Why would you chose that one over the other?

Or is there another option I haven't listed? Changing from Verizon is not an option (I think I've had Verizon for close to 15 years, if not more).

I have to make the decision soon, so any help would be appreciated.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Happiness is not getting what you want,
it's wanting what you have.

Oh so true. It goes back to keeping up with the Joneses ..... so what if you have everything they have and more - are you really happy? If you only have it to keep up with them - then I say NOPE.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Atlantic City

Four days - well ok 3 1/2, but the Sun and Sand and the Boardwalk and the Convention and Gambling, how bad / hard can that be to take? ........ oh yeah I forgot something else ..... classes (what a let down) but no seriously - they won't be too bad - I get my Accounting and Auditing requirements, to compliment those I already took, so I will again be able to say I've taken all the required A&A for my license! And lets face it - if you get to do a little of the other things too, it makes sitting in classes and meetings for hours much better.

Besides I always have fun at the NJSCPA Convention! And if I could just win a little something that would be even better.

If I can get it to work with my phone (sometimes I am just so "dumb") I will do a little tweeting too ..... maybe, perhaps, if I can

See you all in a few days. Miss me please :)