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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Zappos.com The North Face Review

Recently, I was asked to review the website Zappos.com, specifically for The North Face products (zappos.com/The-North-Face), so of course I went to check it out. I love going to see new places and new products, especially when there is no pressure to buy.

There is a quick history of North Face so you have an idea just how the brand came to be. The North Face company was started in 1966 by two hiking lovers and just seemed to blossom from there. High performance products were designed with their love of hiking in mind, but it didn’t stop there. There are clothes, shoes, boots, jackets, bags and sporting bags and all are available through zappos.com/The-North-Face.

One of the first things I noticed was that the index showed a breakdown by type and classification. Many sites will give you the classification, Men’s or Women’s, for example, and then you have to click and click and click to find that part of the site you are looking for. Zappos.com gives you the classifications, types and how many of each are available right on the initial search page. It also tells you, under a separate heading, New Arrivals by type, On Sale items by type, as well as the ability to view the whole collection. When you pick the type of item you are looking for, the site moves you to a new search screen, where you can narrow your choices even more.

Lets look at Women’s Shoes to show you what I mean. To see this search screen click here zappos.com/womens-the-north-face-shoes and you can see all the subcategories of women’s shoes. What I really like is that instead of having to look through all 158 pairs of Women’s shoes, you can narrow that down by type, size, width, color, and even price range. I really like this feature. I found 35 pairs of running shoes in my size AND under $100 in less than 5 seconds.

Another plus to Zappos.com is the Free Shipping – both ways if you decide your purchase is not the correct one for you. Yes, FREE shipping as well as a 365 Day Return Policy. Where else can you find that long a return policy and free shipping even if you return it? Those days and places are few and far between but at Zappos.com, this is the norm. Check it out here shipping-and-returns and you can see for yourself - unbelievable.

There are so many things to choose from that I am having a hard time deciding what to try. In this day and age of casual/business casual/dressed down days at work there are many items you could get. If you just want something to wear for your day off or on your vacation, this is the place to look. I bet you could even find something to use for back to school – some of their bags would be great backpacks for all those heavy text books.

Go check them out at zappos.com/The-North-Face . Believe me, you won’t be disappointed.

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