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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Snowman Building

I saw this one and thought it would be so cute for a kids party

Build a Snowman Station ...

Use a Tupperware Serving Center and fill the sections with all the pieces to make a Snowman.  I bet the kids would love to do this one for a birthday party or school party or even when they are home for the winter break and need "something" to do.

I love this idea because the kids (big and little) get to be creative in their design. You fill each section of the Serving Center with big and small marshmallows, pretzel sticks for the arms, chocolate chips for the eyes and or the buttons and then the candy corn for the nose.  And then you get out of the way and let the "creations" appear.  And lets face it they can definitely be creative ... and its a lot less cold than making a "snowman".

Then I bet some snowman soup in a CrystalWave Soup Mug, would be wonderful after the creations are completed .... or many as they are being created.

These snowman soups would make some great teacher or mail carrier or bus driver gifts!  I think I'm going to make a few for the "older" kids as stocking stuffers this year!

Check out the Serving Center and the CrystalWave Soup Mugs on my Tupperware Site and so much more to make the holidays more "fun" as well as get ready for the new year.

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