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Monday, May 12, 2014

Family is more than just blood relatives

There are a lot of people, perhaps even you, who I consider part of my family.  If someone (or perhaps a psychologist) was to try and do my "family" tree - I am quite sure they would either be totally frustrated OR think I was descended from so many that I would be related to three quarters of the world!

You see I have quite a few "family" members that aren't related by blood - they are people I always felt were part of my family .... the family of my heart.

So when I saw this, I knew I had to share.

Now I know you can't "share" if you agree ........ unless you want to share this post on your facebook page, which of course I would love, but that wasn't the point of the post.

These are the people who are the "Family of my Heart".

Do you have people in your life that you count as your family, who aren't blood relatives?

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