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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Number, Number - Do YOU have YOUR #SleepNumber?

I am very sure you have seen or heard the advertisements for the Sleep Number Bed - I know I had.  Some were even cute.  Recently my husband and I decided that after about 25 years, it was time for us to replace our bed.  When we were started talking about it, we were driving away from a mall after doing some Christmas Shopping ... I know my husband doing shopping?? be still my heart.  I said it was definitely time for a new bed, where should we go?  His ONLY comment ... Sleep Number!

As you can see, unless you knew it was a Sleep Number Bed I bet you wouldn't know it was anything different, until you sleep on it.
I have to say from the start, I was a little skeptical.  I was afraid he had bought into the commercials but agreed that we would go check them out.  We went to a local Sleep Number store and right away saw the differences.  Once they knew we were interested ... we both got our personal Sleep Number.

We checked out 3 different types of beds and settled on 1.  We decided on the adjustable bed.  One of the things we had discussed was using a bed skirt instead of purchasing the "hard" surround base which they neglected to tell us would really not work well with the adjustable base since the bed is "screwed on" to the frame and then the frame is "screwed on" to the headboard, but other than that ... I really am happy with our new bed.

We not only got the bed with the adjustable frame, we also got the mattress cover, and 2 pillows, which all together was not cheap,, even on sale  BUT we also got another great deal ... how about financing your new bed over 4 years at ZERO percent financing?  Yup that's what we got.  Told you great deal.

As they were putting the bed together (other than the frame it all comes in pieces) I thought the bed would actually be lower than our original bed ... it just looked like it sat "lower" on the bookcase headboard that we had.  Once it was all put together and the bed inserts were inflated, we realized that it is actually higher and not just because it is new vs old.   As you can see though, you don't need a step stool to get into bed - really looks like any other bed.  I mean, can you tell, just by looking at this picture that it is a Sleep Number Bed?  Can you tell that we can raise the head or foot section?  We can, but because it is a Queen and not a King, we can't lift my side or his - its both together - but that's really ok.

I know definitely that it is higher because my shoe keeper fits nicely UNDER the bed without touching the top (or is it the bottom) of the bed and I couldn't do that with the old bed.  Although it is higher, its not uncomfortably higher ... I can easily get in and out of bed without "jumping" and I'm just under 5'6".

I am going to try to "cut" down one of the bed skirts I already have to make a skirt that will work with the bed - my sewing machine will get some work "after" Christmas.  But until them ... it will continue to be the perfect "hiding place" for my shoes.

I have previously compressed discs in my back (not once but twice) so there are times that my back is really sore.  I can't tell you how many times I had gotten out of bed in the morning and just wanted to cry because my back hurt.  Since we have had our Sleep Number bed, I have yet to wake up feeling like that.  I have the ability to change my personal number whenever I want, but it has stayed in the range of 45 - 55, where my hubby has stayed at 55 since we got it almost 2 weeks ago.

With the adjustable frame feature, we can watch TV (of course the news) without having to have a ton of pillows or we can lift the foot section to help take some pressure off my back.  I use to think I was a semi side/stomach sleeper, but since we have gotten this bed, I find I really am a back sleeper.  And I have to say, hubby has said constantly ... I don't feel you move around during the night.  I have to agree with him.  I don't feel him get up during the night, which use to wake me up and he doesn't feel me come to bed late if I'm "creating" downstairs after he has gone to bed.

We usually don't give each other gifts during the year - we just buy what we need when we really need it.  We do usually buy each other something for Christmas - its the only "event" or "holiday" that we do purchase things specifically for.  We didn't set out to buy this for ourselves, and definitely not as a Christmas present - I know I've bought him something else that I knew he really really wanted, so he gets 2 presents this year.

But I really have to say,  this was the perfect Christmas present to ourselves.

So my advise to you ... check out Sleep Number Beds
and get YOUR Sleep Number Too!


tara pittman said...

Enjoy your bed! You will have a great nites sleep!

Jamie Tomkins said...

Looks comfy!! We have a Tempur-Pedic and it helps with our backs. Great post...tweeted!

Melissa said...

Thanks for all the ins & outs! The hubs & I have been talking a lot about Sleep Number beds recently ourselves. I think this was juts the nudge I needed.

Jessica said...

I have yet to try out a sleep number bed. We do want to get a new bed soon!

Anonymous said...

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