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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

FridgeSmart by Tupperware

Now is definitely the time to pick up these beauties because they are on SALE!

Yes they will definitely SAVE you MONEY by keeping your fresh fruits and veggies FRESH and ready for use for a MUCH LONGER period of time.  If you don't want to believe just me, check out this post, Tupperware FridgeSmart Containers review on the blog of Simply Stacy!

Now I also have to share how one of our directors has shared about a demo for the fantastic FridgeSmart Containers.  This is how she got her audience involved and realizing just how many people NEED this product!

Raise your right hand if you have ever bought fruits and veggies?
Raise your left hand if you have ever thrown out fruits and veggies because they went bad before you could eat them?

Now, wiggle your right fingers if your strawberries have ever grown a white beard.
Wiggle your left fingers if your lettuce has ever been slimed while in the crisper drawer?

Look around and everyone is in the same boat!

BUT I can show you how to store your fruits and veggies, yes even strawberries, so they stay FRESH and READY for you to eat much longer!

If you are interested in these great Tupperware pieces, you can check them out further and purchase from my Tupperware Site 

I had shared some of the great options available with this current Mid Month brochure here  where you can share with your best girlfriend and "share the cost" of this great product.

If you would like to add to this, the current "attendance offer" you would need to either have your own book party, Ask me how, so that everyone who made a purchase from you (and thereby with me) could purchase the FridgeSmart Medium Container for just $13 OR contact me so that I can add your purchase to my open party.

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