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Saturday, October 19, 2013

You can still get PINK for one more week with Tupperware!

There is still one week remaining for these great Tupperware PINK pieces.  These pieces are only available until midnight on October 25th EASTERN time!

I really love these pieces - I have been using mine for "cookies" and "snackies" so I know when I need to refill and when I am "just fine".  Cause you KNOW when the munchies hit you don't want to be without!

And then we have this AWESOME tumbler that is also still available until Oct 25th.  You get to show your support for Breast Cancer (and all Cancer for that matter) Awareness AND have your drink always at hand.  I've been using mine for my "home made" iced coffee drinks.   This is really perfect for those .... especially with the Drip-Less Straw seal!  Can't be losing any of those PERFECTIONS if the tumbler just happens to fall over.

You can pick up both at my online Tupperware Site , which you know is open 24 hours a day.  You can also jump on my online party (upper right sidebar link) and order at any time.  There is always a party going on there, .... we just live to PARTY!

Don't forget to get these before midnight on October 25th or you could be left out!  I know there were people last year that were begging for PINK after the close of the month - lets not let that be you this year!

As always, you can shop online (think HOLIDAY shopping too) on my Tupperware Site

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