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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Tupperware Mid Month Brochure ... Mid Oct 2013

There are some really great things that are available with this new Mid month brochure.  Remember there is always always a party going on here at Kat's Tupperware Site

I have the "older" set of FridgeSmart containers but these are even nicer!  I have kept blueberries and strawberries, even raspberries in my fridge longer than seemed possible and still be able to eat them as if there were just recently put into the fridge!  My hubs loves that - he gets to have fruit with his breakfast on Sunday - until the FridgeSmart containers that rarely happened unless I got to the store on Saturday .... not with all those crazy crowds!  Fresh lettuce, spinach, kale, so many wonderful things can be stored in these and still be fresh, in some cases for WEEKS .... can't do that in those green bags!

And then here we have the highlights of the mid-October brochure.  Think about things for the upcoming holidays ...... the serving set is wonderful and looks great on your table.

How about some great items for the kids lunchbox?  Hello Kitty is wonderful as is the SpongeBob Tumbler.  And the Carry-All is a great way to keep all those precious things that your kids bring home from school that they made "Just for YOU".

Want one of those attendance offers?  We can create a book party and get them for you AND if you want to get a few friends together - we could try and get you some awesome hostess bonuses too!  Ask me how.

I also hear - although its not on this "one page" quick sheet that the pink tumbler that was on sale last week has been continued through Oct 25th!  It can be found on my Tupperware Site if you want one of those too!  I LOVE mine.  I can make a nice iced coffee, or one of those "fancy" and "expensive" coffees and have it in this tumbler and not have to worry about it spilling before I finish it.

So if you missed it last week ... there is still time.  I know I LOVE LOVE LOVE mine and won't give it up -  so if you want one for yourself NOW is the time to get it before it is gone for good.

There are so many wonderful things available on my Tupperware Site that I hope you will check out.  Think about the upcoming holidays and think about getting your shopping done at one time in one place.  Yes it can be done here with Tupperware.

And to add to your shopping pleasure, everyone who places at least $50 in product orders from my site (at one time) will receive a gift from me.  You need to email me your order number and date of order so I can track your information.  The easiest way to do this ... click on the "current party" link at the top right sidebar and I will get a notice of your purchase.

Thanks - pass it on to all your friends and family.  If you would like to do a book party - we can make that work too ........ just let me know what you want to do.

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