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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tupperware ... This week

Wanted to pass on some of the great Tupperware pieces that are on sale this week ... check it out.

Don't forget, there is ALWAYS a PAR-TAY going on at Kat's on Tupperware

Check out the Krazy 8s Set ... share this with a girlfriend and you both win! 
A complete set of 4 of each type (bowls, tumblers and microwave bowls) in great colors for each of you.  Share the cost/split the package -- a definite win-win situation.

This is just one of the great pieces that are on sale through March 8th - so check it out.  All kinds of wonderful things are available.  Start thinking about Spring/Summer picnics - lots of great things available for picnics/cookouts/fun times!
Talk to me if you have a question or a "need" for something - Tupperware is the Opportunity for all your troubles. 

And if you are thinking about some "extra" funds and you can find a few hours a week to spend talk to me about becoming a Tupperware Consultant.  You can "feed your Tupperware habit" AND make money at the same time.  I know I'm doing it right now - and LOVING it!

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