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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Be my Tupperware Mystery Hostess!

UPDATED 4/27/13
Since I didn't get to give this away --- I'm going to keep it going.  Each month I will give away a hostess only gift to any one of my readers who was also a purchaser from my online site, when we have enough total purchases to qualify as a "hostess".  This will usually mean when my total monthly sales equal $550 ... everyone who ordered gets put into a bowl (or rafflecopter form) and we will select one lucky person for a special gift!   I really want to make someone's day SUPER special!
Will it be you this month?

Do you know what this is?
If you are a Tupperware Fan, you probably already know that it is the Hostess Gift Special for February (and March, but shhhh March doesn't start until March 9th).

The Prep Celebration Mega Set 
worth $182!

Would you like to have this set?
If you had your own party and had sales of $550 and had 2 of your friends book parties you could use $83 in Hostess Credits and receive this exact set.

Believe me it is soooo worth it just to get this set.  So if you have the desire to have your own party (and I will do book parties to help out) all you need to do is contact me and I will get you set up.

Don't want to have your own party?  Don't have the time to get it all together (really it isn't difficult, but I do understand) or don't want to have a big "clean up" to have friends and family together in your house (that's why I love book parties), I have the perfect solution for you.

I'm going to have a 
Mystery Hostess Party!

Here's how it will work.

I will have a Mystery Hostess Party Online that will run for approximately 4 weeks.  
The first part of the online party will be covering the items that are in the Mid February Brochure (as well as any Tupperware items in the Spring Catalog).  This one is going on right now, and can be found here at  KAT's Late Feb/Early March Online Party.   (this party is closed but a new one has opened) Once that party closes, I will open another online party that will cover the Mid March Brochure items as well as any items in the Spring Catalog. Kat's Mid March Mystery Hostess Party is open now and runs till March 23rd!

Provided we have at least $550 in product sales once I combine both parties, I will place the names of each person who orders in either or both parties into the drawing to be the Mystery Hostess!  I will use the listings from the parties to enter each name into a Mystery Hostess rafflecopter form to select the winner.  Each time you order, you get another entry - so if you get things from Mid February and then Mid March, you will be entered twice - Just to make this clear.

Sounds pretty sweet right? 

Don't forget you can order from the Mid February Brochure through March 8th.  You can order from the Mid March Brochure starting March 9th (but I'd make sure I was ordering on Kat's Mid March online party) to be included in this great offer.  I will post the link to the Mid March Party here once I open it on or about March 10th. 

You can mix and match Mid February Brochure items (ends March 8th) and the Spring Catalog.  
You can mix and match the Mid March Brochure items (starts March 9th) and the Spring Catalog.  You can just order from the Spring Catalog.

It's up to you.  
But once I have the required product sales ... EVERYONE that ordered from either party gets a shot at being the MYSTERY HOSTESS and winning The Celebration Prep Mega Set!

Spread the word to your friends and family.  
Lets make sure that we have at least $550 total in product sales so that someone, maybe YOU, will be my Tupperware February/March Mystery Hostess.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think and what items you would like to have.  You never know when that could be the Mystery Hostess Gift ....

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