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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I can say I'm on VACATION

I am really surprised.  This was suppose to be a working trip with a little vacation thrown in.

We arrived Friday night and expected this whole week would be a searching week with the hope of everything being selected/delivered by weeks end or early the following week so I could relax for a few days before having to board that plane back home.

Well surprise surprise surprise .... what I thought would take a week or more is DONE!  Shut my mouth - I am done!  I now have all the rest of the time to relax and check out some things I never thought I would  have time for.

Now I need your suggestions.  What is everyone reading now?  I have my XOOM with the Kindle app so I have all kinds of options and someone left me a paperback copy of The Help.

What should I be reading?  What great books have you read lately?

I'll see if I can get some pictures posted later but reading suggestions would help in the relaxation department.


Anonymous said...

I just finished reading Pearl in the Sand and really enjoyed it.. =), http://www.amazon.com/Pearl-Sand-Novel-Tessa-Afshar/dp/0802458815

Enjoy your vacation!

Terri's Little Haven said...

I hope you have/had the best vacation ever. I haven't had time to read anything lately but I'm packing my kindle when I go on vacation.