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Friday, July 6, 2012

The Celebrating Home Bean Pot

I have to think that this is somewhat of an "oddity" to some.  But you are just afraid to ask, I know you are - so here you go.
What is a Bean Pot?
Why do I want a Bean Pot you ask?  

You really do WANT a Bean Pot you know, but just in case you aren't sure what a Bean Pot is or just why you would want to enter the Giveaway I am having for a Celebrating Home Bean Pot, my friend Billie Snyder wrote an AWESOME post What IS a Bean Pot?

Go ahead, check it out --- I'll wait.

Ok, now that you are back .......I want to know - Are YOU sold on a Celebrating Home Bean Pot?
You are, aren't you?  What are you waiting for?

Jump on over and enter to WIN your very own Celebrating Home Bean Pot.  

Oh and if you want to "sweeten" the pot so to speak - make sure you tell your friends to enter too because we always have the possibility of more things added to the giveaway if certain "goals" are met - and I just KNOW we can make them.

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