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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Oster Waffle Maker

hmmm waffles are so versatile so tasty and I have to be honest I've been craving them for a few weeks now.  But my cheapo waffle maker just really doesn't do waffles well anymore.

Yesterday, when I went to Target to pick up some K-cups (I need to find a good inexpensive place to get flavored K-cups that we like - so if anyone knows of any) and while I was there I decided to "walk the store".  Just 2 aisles down and one "over" from the K-cup display were a few aisles of kitchen appliances.  I was looking at the crock pots - since I would like to get a smaller one that has a "range of temperatures" plus auto warm when I saw a waffle maker.

Not just any waffle maker but this one - an Oster Belgium Waffle Maker!

AND it was on sale.  Of course that meant I really needed to pick up one.  I mean it was really calling my name.

This morning I decided I wanted a waffle for breakfast before I went to the Inspection Station, what a disaster - longest wait for what should have been a 5 minute maximum visit to have the truck inspected for another 2 years.  So I didn't do anything fancy - pretty much just a whole grain baking mix, egg, vanilla - but I will be trying some of the "fancier" recipes.  I have to say that this made a very nice crisp on the outside yet soft on the inside waffle.  

I was pleasantly surprised that this model, on sale for less than $25 after tax was able to make such a nice waffle.  I do need to season the top grate a little more (the waffle stuck to the top but easily released when touched with a fork) but even that is easy to do.

I really didn't need to do anything to get started.  Remove from box and styrofoam packaging, wash the grates with sponge dipped in warm soapy water, rinsed with clean sponge with warm clean water, dry, then a light seasoning of grates with oil ..........  plug it in and wait for the ready light to light.  Told you could not be easier!  

I think the old "regular" waffle maker will be history on the next garbage day, but I didn't say that.

I am thinking pumpkin waffles could be in my very near future.  There are all kinds of different recipes I can choose from I'm sure - hey even Oster has a few waffle recipes that look rather easy

Do you have a favorite waffle recipe?
Or just a favorite way to have your waffles?  Regular or Belgium?
Or are you just a IHOP waffle eater?

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