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Sunday, October 30, 2011

mischief night came early

I really am having trouble remembering this is still October and that tomorrow is suppose to be Halloween.  what we are suppose to be getting ready to see are all kinds of ghosts and goblins and witches and all kinds of superheros.

instead we are trying to dig out from an early mischief night as evidenced here -

 Yes this is my front steps (in the far left hand upper corner is my mailbox) and the 80 something year old azaleas are under that "mound" at the bottom of the steps
This was the "whiteout" condition from yesterday afternoon.
Deja Vu again ............... we did this one already last "season" too.  Don't you just love how the snow just curls under as it starts to slide off the roof?

Somehow these are just too familiar to those that we experienced earlier this year .... January and February, to be exact.

I really do hope that all of this has gotten it "out of its system" and we will have a much "lighter" winter this coming year.  Especially since it seems we have already gotten hit - in October no less!

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Karen of 3G2S said...

It looks like you got lots more snow than we did. I hope it's not going to ruin all your Halloween fun.

Julia said...

No offense, but I'm glad this isn't me! I'm so not ready for snow! Thanks for stopping by today and thanks for the follow.