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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A 'Modern Family' for the 21st century

I've only seen this show a few times - not exactly sure why but hey thanks to Archie's review, I will have to check it out and be a little more careful on what channel the TV gets set on tonight.

Contribution by Archie Watts

Not since my favorite show about nothing (Seinfeld) have I looked forward to watching a sitcom about something, ABC's Modern Family on Wednesday nights. The mocumentary style of following this hysterical family around an L.A. suburban neighborhood is fraught with the type of real human events that well, make for comedy.

I mean, this is a great take on a modern family. You have an older guy (Jay) married to a much younger woman (Gloria) and she has a son who is pre-teenish but acts 20 (Manny).  There are two gay men (Mitchell and Cameron) who have adopted a Vietnamese baby (Lily). Mitchell is the adult son of Jay, who also has an adult daughter Claire. 

Claire is an over-reactive homemaker with three typical and not so typical kids. Her husband is the biggest nerd in the world who thinks he is the coolest dude in the world. Yes it is quite the conglomeration of type A's and type B's, over zealous and laid back, serious and funny, nerdy and kind-of-hip people.

Even with all these cast members you never miss seeing any of them in every episode as it is set up in three vignettes, one for each family yet intertwines them all into a slice of life. If my satellite TV from Direc4U.com ever goes out on Wednesday nights, someone is gonna pay big time.

Thanks again Archie!

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