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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Great Cleaning Appliance

I know I have used this kitchen appliance on a "regular" basis for .... oh maybe 40 years or so and don't think that ANY kitchen should be without it.  I bet you feel the same way - even if you haven't been using it for as long as I have.

Here is a great article to remind you that it is NOT just for dishes - but you knew that didn't you?   I know I have put more things in my dishwasher - some not listed here - but this is a great starting point. 10 things you can clean in the dishwasher will get you thinking of other things that you can get clean without spending precious time scrubbing or soaking or well just hand-washing.

I have extremely hard well water, and of course don't have a water softener, so on occasion (ok probably every other day depending on use) I put in 1/4 cup of borax (20 mule team)  along with one of those cute detergent tablets and have a super clean dishwasher AND dishes AND spot free glasses.

1 comment:

Lynette said...

Only dishwasher I have is my own two hands....and dang if I can not wash all those items too. Talent I guess? HA HA