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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Car Repairs

I don't know about you but I think trying to have my car repaired is worse than anything else you could possibly do.  I mean really - if I knew how to do my own car repairs I would do it myself before I had to deal with mechanics.

Sometimes I think when they see a woman drive in ....... dollar signs appear instead of us.  That was why when I found repairpal, I was instantly in love!  

Repairpal.com is the answer to so many women's prayers.  You can keep track of your regular maintenance as well as repairs that you have had done. 

You can even get an estimate of what it should cost to have repairs done on your car - how cool is that?  Never again will I feel like I am at the mercy of a mechanic.  Never again will I have to just accept what they say is the cost of a repair - I will have an idea in advance, what to expect when I go to the local mechanic for service.

They even have a way for you to search for a repair shop or dealership to get that repair.  This is perfect for someone who is traveling and has a problem or someone new to the area!

I will definitely be looking at RepairPal.com as a way to keep my car in great shape for a long time!

Although I was paid for this review, the thoughts are mine without reservation or additional compensation.

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