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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Small town with Everything?

I can't believe it has been over a week since I posted to my blog - where has the time gone? What did I do with myself?........... To be honest, I have been a raving lunatic.

Monday I had to take my son's truck to the dealer because the window stopped going up or down. Thankfully it was stuck in the "up" position. Oh and the front axles were leaking (not that we realized until it was being inspected) so that too was fixed under the extended warranty. And then I had to run (ok drive) home to make the dentist with my son. And find something to make for dinner. Ah and my son got a letter of conditional employment for his dream job - now he just has to pass the physical and some social service report and he will be a full time employed citizen, no more multiple part time jobs. Fingers crossed but very hopeful.

Tuesday had to get an eye doctors appointment for my son as well as do a Costco run. I try to do the Costco trip once or twice a month (especially in the summer) so that I don't have a ton of stuff to put away, nor all that stuff in a possibly hot car trunk if the sun is beating (not that its been that warm this year). And pay some bills - how I just LOVE this job (NOT)

Wednesday I had to get some food shopping (oh how I hate doing this one) - sale stuff and things I can't get at the Costco. Oh and stop at the jewelers to have my watch fixed (thankfully only a battery needed) And of course get back in time to go to the eye doctors just in case son couldn't drive after the exam. And then make something quick for dinner. And then take daughter to doctors to do a check on spider bite.

Today, Thursday, I thought I would do some laundry and try to re-arrange my food "storage" area - you know the overflow when things are on sale, great buy at Costco's, paper towels and toilet paper (you know you can never have too much of that).

Whoa I really did have a full week, no wonder I've been feeling a bit run down.

But as I was sitting here thinking I really should go through the mail and look at the papers that has been sitting here for a few days. So I grabbed the "Your Business" section of Tuesdays paper and low and behold I see I am living in one of the TOP best small towns in the country!

As a matter of fact ....... I live in the 6th best place to live in the country, according to Money Magazine. Thank you very much. Now I'm almost 12 years older than the median age and my house is about 2/3 of the median price but hey I do live in a top rated small town. Oh and my mayor said we're #1 in New Jersey ......

Now I have to find the Money Magazine to read who was number 1. To see if I want to move there, nahhhhh I'm stuck here - unless maybe its closer to where my son should be moving to.

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