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Monday, July 20, 2009

Is this the norm or is it time to replace this doctor?

On Wednesday at 4PM I go with my son to his eye doctor's appointment (in case he couldn't drive home) and of course we had to wait until almost 30 minutes after his appointment time to get called. After we go back into the exam room, they take him to check his eyes with a machine that exacts the prescription he would need. Then they bring him back into the room and a different person checks his eyes with the "manual" version of the prescription to check for "fine" tuning. He asks if his prescription had changed and if so was it alot. The tech said what's his strength now - which, because he had his contact box in his pocket, told her. She said "oh yeah it changed alot" and then she told him the strength. I think she gave him the glasses prescription compared to the contact strength, but who am I?

Finally the doctor comes in. She checks his eyes for glaucoma and talks about his health, etc. Because of his prescription strength they talk about Lasik, which she brought up, but he was thinking about it. He said he would think about it. We asked for a copy of his prescriptions since he may be moving soon. The prescriptions for the contacts were just a .25 step up from his old prescription, but a different type from his old ones. The prescription for the glasses (for a backup) was a .25 step DOWN from what we were told by the tech. We ordered 1 box of contacts before we left.

When we got home I had a copy of the prescription from last year for his glasses and it was the same as what we had been told in the office by the tech NOT what was on the prescription by the doctor. So already I'm concerned.

Today I got a call telling me that his contacts were in. Since he is working, I went down to pick them up. I get there and they are his OLD prescription and the OLD type. I said those aren't the ones we ordered. And we went into this whole thing with the prescriptions/visit/and this order. Now I have to wait until tomorrow when the doctor is in this office to talk to her - which of course I will be bringing the prescriptions with me.

If there was a problem with the prescription/type of contacts why didn't they talk to the doctor and then if there was a change call us? Why would they order the old prescription - did they think we wouldn't notice? Or is this incompetance on the part of the "office" the doctor, the tech, the contact order person? Oh and I heard that there were people waiting for over 2 hours today for their appointment ....... no way would I have done that one. There would have been hell to pay on that one.

Anyone else find that people don't seem to give a damn anymore - even with health care items? You would think with all the discussions on health care of late (and the insurance fiasco) people would be taking a bit more time and make sure things are done correctly the first time.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm that does sound odd. I always order my contacts on 1800contacts.

Mimi said...

With that many errors, I would change doctors.

Lynette said...

i would agree you are having all kinds of red flags think it is time to invest in a second opinion