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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fullbar - The Alternative to Surgery

I'm sure you have seen the commercial for fullbar- the alternative for gastric-bypass surgery, I know I have. To be honest, it sounded like an interesting concept. Going to the doctor is NOT high on my list of things to do - unless it is something for my kids, or I'm dying. So if I had ever thought of gastric bypass surgery for myself (although I wouldn't be a candidate) - well THAT wouldn't happen, but a non surgical alternative ? ? ? That peaked my interest.

This morning I was at Costco's to pick up a few things before the holiday weekend and I saw 2 for the 5 flavors of Fullbar there. You can check out all the flavors here: fullbar-flavors. So since I wanted to try it - I picked up the Cocoa Chip, which was pretty darned good. The box size of 15 bars is smaller than what you can buy from them direct, but it was perfect to try. Since I thought the cocoa one was good - I think I might get the peanut butter one next time I go. The bar was not super chocolate tasting, and really not very sweet, but had a very pleasant flavor. It was soft and chewy, with no unpleasant aftertaste as is sometimes the case with "diet" foods.

I had 1 bar, with a large glass of seltzer after I had put everything I had bought away. Now it was about 1:30 and I was STARVING. I figured it would either help me to slow down when I did get to eat and therefore not overeat, or show me that you need to have the bar before your hunger gets too great.

Let me tell you - I had to force myself to eat something at 2PM I was no longer hungry. I will also try this again when I get dinner ready. I will eat one while I am cooking dinner and see how it works with dinner. And to really make it a test - I'm making chicken parm with penne - a favorite of mine.

If you are interested in reducing that scale number without feeling deprived, you really should check it out. To see how it works - in their own words jump on over to their site here and read how-it-works. And if you would like to know the who behind this great discovery, read Dr Snyder's bio here meet-dr-snyder

I'm really glad I found fullbar.com - and hope you will check them out too. I am really hoping that with this and continuing on my weight loss menus I will finally be able to kick these last 20 lbs out the door ....... and who knows maybe I'll go for 30 :D

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