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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Oh Mr. Electric, where did you go?

Well, hopefully I am back again. I can't believe how much we rely on electricity. Well I can, but it really hit home yesterday.

When I left for work, we had electricity. I had put dinner in the crock pot so it would be waiting for us when I got home. (I love my crock pot this time of year) I got home around 5, since there wasn't too much to do yet (tax season always starts out slow) thinking I would have everything ready when the "troops" came walking in the door. Well I was in for a bit of a surprise, the house was dark! I mean really dark.

As I walked into the house, out of habit more than anything else, I flipped on the lights - nothing happened. Silly me thinks oh the bulbs must have burned out. WRONG. Then I thought ok we must have had an quick flash of outage and back on. WRONG again. The microwave had no time, the coffee pot had no time, the crock pot was NOT on warm.

So I call the electric company - and go through their long idiotic process of confirming who I was and that I had a total loss of power - and THEN they tell me there is an outage in my area. Now it use to be that the outage in your area was played first and that it was "already reported" so you didn't need to go through all the hoops to report your outage. They tell me that they "hope" to have the electric back by 8PM but it could go until 10AM tomorrow. Then I finally got a representative so that I could ask questions. I'm told that the first report "in the area" was at 10:55AM YESTERDAY ....... so of course I knew they had stupid information to give, and then they repeated the hope to have it back by ......... dissertation.

So I'm texting my son who had a class at 7 last night to see what he wanted to do. Dinner was "done" but wasn't overly hot, but was still hot. I said I could probably heat it on the stove (I use propane to cook, even inside) He says to me - I'll eat when I get home, and heat it up in the microwave. So I text him back "electric??". Then I get "uh yeah forgot".

We're still no sure what happened - but 2 days ago the winds were just so bad that it knocked down a tree about a half mile from us (but still basically on our road) that took out 4 (yes 4) electric poles. Now is this what they say was the cause - of course not - but I'm sure it had something to do with it.

So this morning I do have electric again (came back on last night) so I can check back at all the blogs I follow......and maybe post one of two here as well. At least that's the plan for today - as well as getting my "roots covered" and my hair cut, and getting some laundry done and vaccuming the downstairs ..... Oh please Mr. Electric don't go out again - I have too much to do today.

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Grand Pooba said...

Yeah, I hate when our electricity goes out, not that we can't watch tv, or cook dinner, or see anything, just because I can't blog!