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Sunday, February 8, 2009

I'm so sorry

I really have no excuse. I can't believe its been almost a week since I posted here. I did try - for some reason it kept giving me an error when I tried to publish the post. After 3 tries, I gave up. I'm sorry. I should have kept trying - or tried on a different day - but somehow the days just seemed to get away from me.

I was reading the blogs I follow and found a post by Yaya that listed me as one of her blogs to check out daily or almost daily. celebrity-bloggers No, I'm nowhere near a Celebrity Blogger - maybe one day I could be "better known" but somehow I don't think I could get to that status. BUT seeing my blog listed there, made me feel so terrible about not showing a posting here - well I had to come in to say I'm sorry.

Here's a "Just Because" - it's a picture of the snow and ice from our "latest" winter event, on Tuesday, I'm so very glad we were only suppose to have 1-3 max. This one is looking out my deck door - at the oldest tree on our property, an apple tree that has to be at least 80 years old. And yes it does still produce apples, sort of.

This one, is looking out my front door. Yes the street was plowed (surprisingly) and it is still clear (even more surprising) - it's just my driveway that is the "snow and ice slick". Our project for this year (among others) will be to have it paved. I am so tired of cracked stone ....
Between the huge evergreen (another 80 year old tree) and the rhododendron (full of snow on right) run my electric/phone/cable lines, that are lined in ice. Winter wonderland.

Now since we haven't had any more "events" since Tuesday - you would like to think that everything would be done. Well I'm hoping that it will be gone next week. We have had temperatures in the 20s or below since Tuesday - so melting has been at a minimum, unless its in direct sun. Next week (or this week as the case may be) we could actually have a day in the high 40s or maybe even low 50s before it starts getting cold again.

This years weather makes absolutely NO sense to me at all. Its been bitter cold for days and then a 40 or 50 degree day sneaks in. No rhyme or reason. I'm not surprised when I hear of so many people being sick. Its the weather - I'm convinced of it.


annie kelleher said...

its been a bitterly cold winter here - no reprieves at all, or that's how its felt - yesterday was the first "warm" day above 30! i think we get another one today and then the temps go back down. but spring's coming... the light is getting stronger, the days are getting longer, and your photos are absolutely gorgeous. i enjoy winter too, as long as i can stay inside and just look at it :). happy sunday! glad to see you back! :)

Anonymous said...

Lol! Don't feel bad for not posting! I think a lot of ppl are in the mid-winter-funk!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, didn't mean to make you feel bad!
Oy, I'm so sick of winter!

Ter said...

Hey there. :) I come here via YaYa's post and congratulations on being mentioned as one of her favorite bloggers. :)

As pretty as those photos are, I'm ready for spring! I imagine you are too. Thanks for sharing.

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