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Monday, February 23, 2009

If you seem to be missing followers .....

A Nut in a Nutshell has SOLVED the mystery! No you have NOT offended anyone. No you really haven't lost any followers - you just can't see them. Read the results of "nuts" research.

Blogger Has Gone Crazy Unfollowing People

I think we've all noticed things going crazy with Blogger Followers today. I found this status update over at Blogger.

(To fix it: go to your dashboard. You'll see a list that's titled 'Blogs I'm Following'. Scroll down, click on manage and then in the drop down menu on the right side, change everything from anonymous back to public.)

You may have noticed that the count of your public Followers has decreased over the last few hours. We are in the process of integrating with Google Friend Connect.

There are a few users that already use both Blogger Following and Google Friend Connect. To avoid linking the profiles of Blogger and Friend Connect users without their permission, we have set these users to "anonymous". They are still following privately and will able to make themselves public again.

After the official launch of the Friend Connect integration, we will communicate with the affected users and instruct them how to reset their relationship to public. To reiterate: the number of Followers has not changed, and we believe that the launch will improve the visibility of your blog and community. We will post more details on Blogger Buzz as the launch approaches.


Anonymous said...

Blogger is so weird!

Pam said...

wow! Thank you! I was actually wondering what happened today- I thought, what did I say? But I will have to check this out now- thanks!!

Ter said...

thanks for posting this. I hadn't noticed anyone dropped off my list but for once I wasnt at the computer most of the day.