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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Grab your Mid August Tupperware EARLY

You may have seen some of the things I have been posting relating to our Tupperware Jubilee for 2016 events.  
If you saw the post both here and on Facebook relating to the awesome Say Yes offer just for trying Tupperware for 60 days, you know how we are trying to share the opportunity with everyone!  Even if you missed the 1 day "bonus" its still an outstanding opportunity.  Talk to me or Sign up on my Tupperware Site by clicking on the Join Us tab, you won't be disappointed.

Well this morning we found out that the mid-August brochure is being opened a week EARLY.  You can really get ready for School and School lunches with these two brochures!

Check out these pieces available TODAY through September 9th.  These neon colors are Electric!

And as always, we have some short term items available in this brochure as well.  
Usually the short term items are only available for 2 weeks ... this time its available today through Aug 26th!

Check out Mickey and Minnie! This set is outstanding for breakfast or lunch!

Something you are interested in to get Back to School Lunches easier or more "fun" from this early release?  Jump on over to my Tupperware Site and start clicking!  I know there are some really awesome pieces that will make your child or grandchild the star of the lunch room crowd!

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