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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Get ready for your New Year's Resolutions

I don't think I am much different from most in the New Year's Resolution department.  We all have good intentions but unless we start NOW to be prepared for the new year .... those New Year's Resolutions go by the wayside within a week or two or at most a month.

Today is the day 
to start making plans 
to be successful this time.

Check out what Tupperware has to offer.
The products opening up today in the Winter/Spring 2015 Catalog are awesome!
So many wonderful things to help you be successful if your resolve this year is to lose those extra pound that have crept on.  

From the Fridge Smart containers to keep your fruit and vegetables fresher longer, to the Smart Steamer to make your steamed veggies and proteins 1) easier to make and 2) quicker and 3) tastier.  At least this has been my experience - it could be yours too!

Yes that is a PRESSURE COOKER  on the cover that Tupperware is offering with this catalog that is used in the Microwave!  I have to tell you this is sheer genius.  I love mine.  I have made all kinds of things in mine.  From applesauce in less than 20 minutes from taking the apples out of the bowl to cooling the applesauce for serving!  To BBQ "semi" boneless spare ribs in less than 30 minutes that were so tender you would have thought they were slow cooked for hours

Now if you want to make some really big changes - If you want to start a new career .. yes a career ... you can do that with Tupperware.  

I know people, like myself, who do this part time in addition to their "regular" jobs to supplement their income, or to have "extra" money for special gifts or vacations.  
And there are others who have made this their Full Time Job .. and got started with a really LOW start up cost.  

You can earn all kinds of wonderful things with Tupperware - commissions from day one, discounts on products that you really want for yourself, discounted prices on samples, gifts, prizes, great friends and co-workers, vacations and cars you can earn just by selling the products you will or already love.  

Here's what you can earn under the Confident Start Program that starts when you sign up.  And this is in ADDITION to your commissions!

This is the current program that runs through April 11, 2015. Get your party started today with the Confident Start Program. 
You are automatically enrolled after submitting your first order or on your 31st day as a Consultant. 
You’ll have 13 weeks to meet the Program goals and you may finish as quickly as you’d like. Earn money, awards and build your business with a Confident Start.

Interested in seeing what is all involved?  Talk to me and I will explain more.  I can get you set up to start you on a new and wonderful start to 2015 for a really LOW start up that will make you say ... why did I wait so long.

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