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Monday, December 22, 2014

ApparelnBags a short term travelers dream!

I don't know about you, but when I'm just going away for a few days, I don't want to have to pack a huge bag (that's just way too much work for a few days). But I also don't like to pack bags for travel where I have to "check" them if I fly.  I really hate dealing with those airport carousels.  

I found a great bag to be able to do a quick pack and go and still have all I really need for a few days and still be able to use it for a carry-on in the airport!   You need to check out the Port Authority BG800 Voyager Sports Duffel from ApparelnBags.com

For a little size reference, here is my bag up against an inside door.  As you can see, it would be perfect for all kinds of things.  Personally I will be using it for traveling - I do a lot of short trips or trips where I don't have to take much in the way of clothing (like travel to second home/vacation home/parents home).  Don't mind the "wrinkles" as my bag is currently empty, but will be packed again for travel very soon.

I don't know if you can see it from this picture but there is a nice flat zippered pocket, on both sides below the grab handle, in addition to the end pockets.

I really like the overall size of this bag and the little "side" compartments, that are on both sides of the bag, that would make this great for your sport needs or going to the gym or in my case for travel.  The side pockets are great for things you want to keep separate - shoes/sneakers and such but doesn't totally take over the center section.  

In my case, when I travel I always always seem to forget to take a bag of some sort to put laundry into, and I find that the hotel laundry bags just don't do it.  They are either too small or too thin to protect any clean items you still have.  The side pockets are again, great for this need.  
I can have my shoes/sneakers/sandals in one side and dirty laundry items in the other.  

ApparelnBags has a wide variety of items for you to choose from, and I don't mean just bags!  I love that you can do a lot of your shopping here for everyone on your list.  You can even get things for infants!  How often do you find that when you are able to get things for men and women and boys and girls?  They even have a big and tall section!  I will be looking into this section for hubby and perhaps my son as well!

I hope you will check out their ApparelnnBags Facebook page to see what new things are coming but you definitely want to check out the Discount Code/Promo Code page on Facebook to get some additional great deals on products they carry as well as a 10% credit on purchase just for liking their page.  While you are liking them, check out their twitter page and their Google+ page and never miss a deal or event!

I was lucky enough to be able to sample the Port Authority BG800 Voyager Sports Duffel at no cost to me, in exchange for my review.  I received no other compensation for this post.  This in no way effected my review, as I will only recommend products or sites, that I feel will be of benefit to my readers.

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