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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Disney's FROZEN comes to Tupperware!

I bet you have seen this all over Facebook ... 
FROZEN is coming         FROZEN is coming 
... well 


You can grab your own FROZEN themed pieces from my Tupperware Site.  

You can also check out the Fall/Holiday Catalog as well ... because Tupperware has released this catalog 2 weeks EARLY!  That means you can grab those pieces that you wanted from the Summer Catalog, anything that is being discontinued AND the Fall/Holiday Catalog on the same order (saving on shipping costs) until August 29th!

If you want, you can also jump on my current Online Party, that will be open until August 27th, and be eligible to be my Mystery Hostess.  All you need to do is "invite" yourself, say NO for attending (I know confusing) and then you can order on this party.  Hope to be contacting you as my Mystery Hostess!

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