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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Brownie Set up for when you are "short on time"

Have you ever wanted to make some home-made snack and think I don't have the time and either take a pass or go for a "box" mix?

Now I have a solution for you that could be made now and put in your cabinet for those times and you are still a SUPER COOL Mom that makes great snacks/desserts at the spur of the moment.

These are called "Sand Art Brownies" that you can have in your cabinet or give as gifts.

You could make these as is, or you could do some "optional" ones.  You could put M&Ms in the mix instead of chopped nuts.  Or maybe you like coconut or butterscotch chips or ... well you see the possibilities are endless.

And the best part .... you can make these NOW and store them in the Tupperware Modular Mate Spaghetti Dispenser so its always available to make at a moments notice (since we all know kids forget about those parties or bake sale needs until 9PM).  I can see these are family and friends gifts as well.

Oh if you don't have the Spaghetti Dispenser ... you can pick them up right now on my Tupperware Site for just $9 each!  You could pick up a half a dozen and have everything ready for this school year without breaking the bank.  You can also get the seals in 2 different colors (black or passion) so you could identify those with nuts and those without if that is a problem for you.  Or those with something other than chocolate chips ... the possibilities are endless.  

I know I am going to pick up a few so I can send some back to college with Jenn to make when late night munchies hit during those cram sessions that still go on every month or so!

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Michelle J. said...

I love this idea--so cute!