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Monday, August 18, 2014

Tupperware's Microwave Cooking Pieces

The other day I shared the differences in the Tupperware Chopping and Mixing pieces, today I thought I would share the differences in our Microwave cooking pieces ... and share a sneak peek at the product of the future!

COOKING IN THE MICROWAVE IS SMART…Requires minimal fat content, so it’s healthier. Requires less energy than traditional stoves or ovens & cooks much faster, so you can save time & money!

First we have the Stack Cooker.

This was the first piece I received from Tupperware as part of my Business Kit.  Up until that point, I NEVER cooked anything in the microwave.  In my mind, the microwave was just for "reheating",

Then this baby came into my life and I made a cake in 9 minutes!  Yes 9 minutes and it was AWESOME.

I made a meatloaf in the microwave in this baby and even my picky hubby (sorry honey) liked it!  And a whole chicken ... yes whole, not cut up into pieces but a whole chicken popped into this baby with some stuffing.  But the exciting part was it was all done at about 6 minutes a pound and was so juicy!

So you see this one was a winner and I still to this day think about what I can make during the week when I don't have a whole lot of time to cook but still want to have a nice dinner on the table when hubby comes home.

Then we have the Smart Steamer.

We are not big fish eaters, but I have done a really nice salmon in here that was AWESOME.

I use this the most to steam my veggies (and with it being summer and LOTS and LOTS of FRESH veggies around it is constantly in use) for lunch or dinner.

I make hard boiled eggs (10 eggs / 10 min) so I always have a great portable protein source or something to quickly make an egg salad for lunch.

What I really like about this is that it truly does steam the food in the microwave and not cook and steam because the base actually has metal enclosed inside so the microwaves can't get to the food - only the water.

And then we have the
Product of the Future.

The Microwave Pressure Cooker!

I just earned this one and can not wait to try it out!  I am hoping that it will be in a mid-month brochure or in the Spring Catalog, because I know it is NOT in the Fall/Holiday Catalog that just started over the weekend.

I am hoping that I will get this delivered to my door soon so I can start "playing" with my food in this one.

I just saw the youtube video of this one and I KNOW I want to see this one in everyone's home.  As soon as the video is available for public viewing, I will share here so that you can see this baby in action.  But until then, trust me when I tell you it will be an AWESOME addition to your kitchen so be on the lookout for it.

Now to purchase the Stack Cooker or the Smart Steamer, you can jump on over to my Tupperware Site or join my Current Online Party (top right sidebar for link to invite yourself) I really don't think you will be disappointed - I know I haven't been.

There are so many wonderful things available other than these but if you are checking out my site, or visiting here you will know when the Product of the Future is available, or when sales occur.  So I hope that I will see you visiting often.

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