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Monday, June 2, 2014

Juil Sandals - welcome back to my Summer Shoe Wardrobe

Did you happen to catch my post about an AWESOME pair of sandals last year??
You can check it out here or refresh your memory, if you had forgotten how great these sandals are.

Well the other day I was finally finishing getting all my Summer stuff out of storage (ok they were in storage bags - the suck the air out kind - in the spare bedroom) and I found my box of shoes/sandals and found my Juils.

I have been wearing them around the house for the past few days and have to say I still LOVE them.  Yes I said it I LOVE them.  I love the feeling of being more "grounded" with these.  I just wish it wasn't so cold here in New Jersey in the winter so I could wear them all the time, but it definitely gives me another reason to look forward to Summer.

I love them so much I had to check out what was new for this season.
They have some really great looking sandals that could be for dressier times as well as every day.

These are called Dalli.
I can see these as a more "dressed up" sandal.  What do you think?

These are called Kava ...... I think these are sooo smart looking!

But, I didn't order either of these, although I'm thinking I could be doing another order before the "sandal" season is over ... yes I could have all kinds of Juil footwear very soon.

What I did order were more for my "fun" days ....

The Hera

These are just pure simplicity at its best.
They were available last year, and since I didn't get them last year, they were in my cart quickly.
I think they will be great for just about anything you can do during the summer.

The Saffi

These are sandals that just looks "special" for every day.  I just like these for it's simple yet stylish look.

I can't wait for them to arrive ....... just a few days and I will be sporting these babies all summer long!!

Do you like these?  Check out Juil.com and tell me which of these you would be looking at for this upcoming "bare feet" season?
Oh and your man can have his own Juil too ... check it out on their site - I could see men in these!
How about your man?  Would he wear a pair of Men's Juil?

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Kat @ Inspiration CAN be Found Everywhere said...

I just got my boxes ... I have to say they are the MOST COMFORTABLE sandals I have put on. No break in with these ... slip on and go and I bet I could go all day!

Check them out if you haven't already - well worth the price!!