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Monday, June 16, 2014

Join my Tupperware Mystery Hostess Party Tonight!

Just wanted to do a quick post to invite everyone to my Tupperware Mystery Hostess Party tonight on Facebook.  The party is open to anyone in the US.  I believe that readers from Canada can also view and order through this party too - but I will be honest, I'm not 100% positive since I'm in the US.  I know Canadian prices are different because of the exchange rate - but hey I'd be willing to try it if you are.

I know that there are many people who really LOVE Tupperware (and maybe some "closet" lovers too), that would love to have some new Tupperware products in their home but don't want to have a party - too much work to get set up .... and then you have to invite people too!  Well I'm giving you an option today.

I will be holding an ONLINE Tupperware Party "Event" starting today at 7:30 PM Eastern Time.  I will hang out at this event to answer questions, show some of the pieces that I either have and love or want to pick up to add to my Tupperware pieces.

During this event you can ask questions, check out the Mid-June brochure with all the highlighted or sale pieces, scan through the Summer Catalog and if you so desire, order through my "online party" link.  

To be ordering as part of this party link, all you need to do after clicking the link, is enter your name and email address (I need that to contact you if you are a winner and to send you your order confirmation) and then click NO for attending (I know a little confusing).  But when you click NO you will be able to place an order for THIS party and not just online.

I will keep the party open until June 21st at 9:00PM Eastern time, so that everyone has a chance to check things out and order if they so desire.   I will also be dropping in to the event page every day, so that I can answer questions asked, play some games, select some winners of little thank you gifts, and help out in any way I can.

On June 22nd, I will go through the orders from this party, and I will select 1 person to be my Mystery Hostess.  This person will receive a 4 pc FridgeSmart Set worth $84 directly from me!!  That's right.  They will get a 4 pc FridgeSmart Set that will help you keep all those Fresh Fruits and Veggies LONGER so you aren't throwing out all that money in a matter of days!

I know they are great pieces, I have been using my set (last years set) for strawberries this past week ... I bought the strawberries June 8th so hubby could have strawberries and cream.  Since they were on sale - 3 pints for $10 I wanted to make sure that I could keep them fresh as long as possible.  I took 1 pint and cut them up for that Sunday's dessert and put the other 2 pints in my FridgeSmart.  Hubby was able to have the last few strawberries along with breakfast for Father's Day.
Now THAT is pretty spectacular if you ask me.
How many times have you had strawberries keep fresh in your fridge for 8 days??

If you missed the Best BBQ Buys pieces (I'm in love with the Vent'N Serve pieces) at this great price, you can order them through this link until June 17th at midnight EASTERN time.  Since your order is completed as soon as you submit, you could order these on Monday or Tuesday and then come back and pick up anything you missed on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or even Saturday so you could get these at this great price and then take your time and pick up anything else without rushing.

So consider yourself invited to my Tupperware Online Party where YOU could be my Mystery Hostess! Come join in on the fun, invite yourself to my Online Tupperware Party Event on Facebook.  Who knows, YOU could be my Mystery Hostess!
Remember if you want to attend, click the link for the party, where it says, "would you like to attend this party" enter your name, email address and click NO.  
Then you can order on THIS party and have your chance to be my Mystery Hostess!

Invite your friends and family, lets make this a huge success - I'm counting on YOU.

If you would like to do your own party this way, let me know.  I'd love to be able to work with you to spread the good news about Tupperware ........ 

We're not just your mama's Tupperware
We really are YOUR Tupperware!

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