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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Juil the PERFECT fit for today and every day!

I was contacted by Peter from Juil a few weeks ago to review their product.  In case you don't know, Juil is a "relatively" new company based in Milwaukee, WI.   They are a self described "eclectic office full of yogis, fitness enthusiasts, and footwear expertsthat I believe has much wonderfulness in it's future.

This company has recently been included in a  Huffington Post article titled, “6 Awesome Yoga Accessories You’ve Never Heard Of.”

I was provided with a pair of their sandals (Brio in Pewter below) to help in my review.  This is a post of my thoughts regarding the Juil Brio Sandals.

Like many of you, being barefoot is as natural to me as breathing.  Don't get me wrong, I like shoes - GOOD shoes, but if I could be barefoot all day, every day I would be a happy camper.  But we all know that is not possible - and living in NJ there are more times than not that it is neither practical or "proper".  I have to say this is no longer a problem for me - I am IN LOVE.

Although these sandals really "look" nice and "feel" good when wearing (shoes/sandals made from leather is always a good start), I wanted to know what really made them "different".

The company notes that Juil was created to enhance your well-being.  These sandals help to cleanse your body of stress and toxins, letting you live a healthier, balanced life. They’re not only comfortable, but they recreate that calming feeling that you've come to associate with walking barefoot.

In the science world, this is a concept known as grounding.   The short version – Studies have shown that maintaining a direct connection between our bodies and the Earth’s surface is beneficial to our health.

Wearing grounding sandals makes that direct connection for you.

The copper "dots" in Juil shoes act as a conduit and allow you to stay truly connected and balanced.  

You have one copper dot for each toe and one at your heel.  I will admit at first I was a little concerned that these "dots" would be uncomfortable or just "feel weird" as I was walking.  Those "fears" lasted about 5 minutes, from the time I put them on my feet I was amazed at just how comfortable they were.

Yes being that they are leather, it does, for some people, take a little bit of getting use to.  For me the leather band was a little tight at first, but not horribly so.  To "break" them in, as with any leather shoe, I wore them for just a few hours a day for the first 3 days.  Now, I don't want to take them off!

One of the things that I noticed was how I felt in the morning when I first got up.  In the past, when I first got out of bed my left foot (and sometimes my right) would hurt like it needed to be "stretched" out and would take my walk from the bedroom at one end of my house to the kitchen (can you say morning coffee) on the other, before that "stretching out" was done.  Since I have been regularly wearing my Brio's, I have found that this is happening less and less.  Now I'm not a doctor, so I'm not saying that I have any "medical fact" to support this - it's just my experience.

Oh and it's not just the ladies that can benefit from these awesome sandals, they have some for men too!  You can be a Juil "family" because the man in your life isn't left out.

When your Juil shandals arrive, you will also receive a very cute bag (the material is based on the Juil logo/theme) that I'm sure you could use to store your sandals when not in use but if you are a yoga enthusiast this would be perfect for carrying your yoga mat/gear.

They have been featured in NordstromsAthleta but you can also search for a store near you on their site. They are also having some great special pricing at Juil to make way for upcoming product, so you might want to hurry on over there and see what you can find. 

If, like some of my friends, the thought of having a thong like sandal makes you cringe (I know not all of us can stand that piece between our toes) they have versions without the thong strap like the Bali shown here.  See they do have a great sandal for everyone.

As I said I am loving my Brio's and don't want to take them off.  I am hoping that the upcoming product will include some kind of "closed" footwear - like a clog - that I can use during the upcoming winter months.

Another thing I like about this company, other than their great product, is their desire to make a difference. In 2012, Juil partnered with Soles4Souls. For each pair of Juil footwear purchased, a pair of shoes was donated to a person in need in a developing country. They support various international and local causes that are important to Juil and to their customers.  It's not all about making a profit - its about making a difference..... both for their customers and the world.

Thank you Peter and Juil for an awesome product.  I can't wait to see what your upcoming product is ... maybe I will start the line so I can be one of the first to sample ... ok everyone the line to purchase their new product starts  ..... JUIL

I would suggest that you join their Facebook Page or connect via Twitter  or even Pinterest to make it very easy to keep up with new things that are going on at Juil.  I'm liking or following every way I can.

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