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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Tupperware BBQ special

If you are interested in being prepared for the upcoming (or is it here already) BBQ season, here is a great deal for you.  You can check it out on my Tupperware Site or Message me and we can plan out your order.

I have the Vent 'N Serve pieces and use it ALL THE TIME.  I am always making just a little bit "extra" when I make meals for hubby and I so that I can use my piece for lunch the next day or two.  Sure does save me from paying $10 or more to go out to lunch while at work.  Think about it - how much do you spend on lunch when you are working?  How many leftovers (or as we call them planned overs) do you have each week that could be used to save you $$ at lunch?

The Red-Hot Serving set is definitely going to be at my house before this is over!  I think it would be great for BBQs on the deck ... everything will be in 1 dish instead of 4 (and that means less to clean up).

That Salad Bowl set is PERFECT for a picnic crowd, and at that price ... its PERFECT.  I bet you could use it for all kinds of salads and not just the "green" kind.

Remember this is only available until June 13th, so if you are interested, don't be dilly dallying .... I don't know if it will be available later in the season or at any other time this year.

Check out these and so much more for your BBQ season on my Tupperware WebSite.  Have you checked out all our new products and colors for all of you who didn't like the old colors ... or wanted something more!

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Kat @ Inspiration CAN be Found Everywhere said...

Can't wait to use these for my Loaded Baked Potato Bar ... This is going to be great this summer!