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Monday, May 5, 2014

It's Cinco de Mayo 2014

Are you ready to celebrate?
Are you having your own Cinco de Mayo Party this year?

If you follow me and my Tupperware site, you may already have these recipes AND the Tupperware products that were used to make these .... if not you could be "forward thinking" and get your order in now so that next year you will be ready for a very special Cinco de Mayo Party!!  Oh heck you could be partying this summer with these great recipes and so much more!!

You could be having a party with just these few salsa and dip recipes and a few drinks!  

You could be doing a taco bar with our Serving Center so everyone could be selecting their own toppings 
without causing a multitude of dishes for you to wash.

Or make a dessert bar for cooling down after your AWESOME and spicy salsas, dips, and more!

Don't forget there is always a party going on at my Tupperware Site.  You can jump on the party with the link in the upper right sidebar of this blog or from my Tupperware Site (search for a party) or you could just order directly from me.  You could also have your own party (I would get you set up for a book party or online party and help you along the way) so that you could earn all kinds of great hostess gifts!

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