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Monday, December 30, 2013

Weight Loss for the New Year? How about you? Are you in?

I believe you have already seen, if you follow my blog, that I don't do New Year's Resolutions.  Well not anymore.  I use to make them every year, just like everyone else.  That was until one of my girl friends (a work buddy too) and I decided we would make a New Years Resolution together - you know to help us keep it ........ Yup you guessed it - we didn't even last 24 hours, and ended up laughing till we cried.

SO no more New Years Resolutions for me.  HOWEVER, that doesn't mean I don't want to change things. It doesn't mean I'm not going to try to get healthier in this up coming new year.  And it definitely doesn't mean I am not going to try to lose some of this "extra" weight I have accumulated in the past couple of years.

So without making that NY Resolution 
I'm asking for your help ......

  • What have you been doing to get control of your weight?  
  • What has worked for you?  
  • What definitely didn't work?

I know there are all kinds of things out there, all kinds of plans, programs, pills, etc.
I know because I have, throughout the years, tried so many things I don't even remember what I've done.
I've seen all the "celebrities" who support/hawk/promote different methods - but I am definitely NOT a celebrity, I don't have someone coming to clean my house, make my food, clean up after mega preparations and I definitely do NOT have an unlimited budget ...

But now I want to be serious (not that I haven't been serious before) and get rid of this extra weight once and for all. But the LAST thing I want to even think about is any of those "medical" interventions.  I'm not interested in Gastric Bypass or the Lap Band Surgeries.

Believe me I don't think there is anything wrong with those interventions IF you and your doctor believe it is what is best for you, it's just that its not something that I want to even think about or consider.

So tell me, what have you tried:

What were your results and thoughts on any of these plans?
Or any other plan that you followed are following?

How about those capsule/pills/liquids?

I am going to do something, even if it means I have to do more "special" cooking so that both my hubby and I can lose weight and get healthier.  Could even help with his snoring (which at least with our new bed I don't hear much during the night) or what he tells me is my snoring (but I still say I don't snore).

I also know that exercise must be part of this plan, whatever I decide to do.  I've got some "walking" DVD's that I can use and a few "yoga type" and "dance type" DVD's as well.

I've even been "toying" with the idea of trying the Total Gym that has been used (promoted and tweeked) by Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley.

So if anyone has tried this - let me know what you think of that one too!


Lenore Webb said...

I am preparing for sugrery but Weight Watchers gave me the mos solid results. Stick to them and you have a good chance of losing 2 to 4 lbs a month. It is slow but pretty steady. I was walking 3 miles 3 to 5 times a week and keeping to the points I was alotted.

Kat @ Inspiration CAN be Found Everywhere said...

Thanks Lenore. I knew you were doing surgery, and for you and your doctor it is what is best at this time in your life .... I'm just not ready for that.

Please keep us all up to date on how you are doing. I know I will definitely be looking at your results.